3 Pepper Brisket Rub

For you pepperheads out there, this 3 pepper brisket rub has a lot of satisfying flavor...and a little bit of heat. This requires some specialized equipment to make, since you'll be grinding the whole, dried peppers into powder.


One ounce dried Ancho peppers
One ounce dried chipotle peppers
One ounce dried New Mexico red peppers
One tablespoon kosher salt
One tablespoon white sugar
One-half teaspoon ground cumin

Remove the stems from the dried peppers, and if you want a milder flavored brisket, remove the seeds. Crush the peppers as finely as you can with your hands (put them in a freezer bag for less mess when crushing).

Now's the time you need the specialized equipment. With a spice grinder or a dedicated coffee grinder, mill the crushed dried peppers until finely ground. If you want to be authentic, pull out the mortar and pestle for this job. (Wear a dust mask when doing this job if you don't want a nose full of hot pepper dust.)

Combine the ground dried peppers with the other ingredients. Season the brisket at least 2 hours before smoking, and preferably the night before.

You'll really enjoy the way this peppery brisket rub flavors that chunk of beef! You get incredible fresh pepper flavors from the freshly ground capsicums.

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