Analog Dial Thermometers

For the sake of simplicity, many cooks prefer analog dial thermometers. These cooking thermometers are dependable and rugged, with no batteries to replace. There are small pocket size thermometers and large, long stemmed thermometers for checking deep fryer oil. Oven thermometers can be placed in your oven, smoker or grill to monitor the temperature next to the cooking food.

Taylor Analog
Instant Read Thermometer

This thermometer is a classic design. Its one inch dial is on the small side and can be difficult to read, but for those who prefer the smaller size, it's an excellent choice. The dial has a shatterproof lens that protects the face and dial indicator.

The temperature range of this pocket sized dial thermometer is 0-220 degrees Fahrenheit. It can be calibrated by rotation the dial in relation to the stem. A plastic pocket case is included to protect the stainless steel stem AND your pocket!

Taylor Classic Meat Thermometer

This one's a dandy! The 2-3/4 inch dial is easy to read, and shows degree measurements on the left side and cross references to different meats and poultry on the right side. The stem length is 4-1/2 inches.

This dishwasher safe meat thermometer has a temperature range from 120 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The stainless steel construction resists rust and stains. A cool little red marker on the rim can be placed at the desired setting for an "at a glance" check of the temperature.

Kitchen Aid
Stainless Oven Thermometer

Kitchen Aid has a great reputation for all kinds of kitchen gear, and their analog dial thermometers are no exception. This oven thermometer has large numbers that are easy to read, with a temperature range of 150-550 degrees Fahrenheit. It stands flat or can be hooked to the oven rack.

The large 2-1/2 inch dial and sturdy stainless steel construction make this one a winner. Kitchen Aid backs this product with a lifetime warranty...just what you'd expect from Kitchen Aid. This one's a perfect choice for monitoring your smoker temperature as those briskets are slow smoking to perfection.

Deep Fryer Thermometer

For checking the temperature of the oil in your turkey fry pot, this is the one you need. It has an extra long, 15 inch stem that keeps your hand safely away from the hot oil. It even has a wooden handle to protect your fingers from the heat. Very nice!

The 2-1/2 inch dial has a temperature range of 50-550 degrees Fahrenheit. It is made with stainless steel construction, and has a pot clip that fits on about any cooking vessel. Any one of these dependable analog dial thermometers will do a great job for you and should provide years of trouble free use.