Barbecue Grill Island

An outdoor barbecue grill island simplifies outdoor cooking and entertaining. With counter space to work on and all-weather outdoor cabinets for storage, food preparation in the great outdoors becomes a joy.

Weather proof drop in natural gas grills made of stainless steel can have multiple burners for easily controlled cooking. Many will have a woodchip box for smoking wood, just in case you're requested to smoke a juicy Texas Smoked Brisket. Or maybe someone has a craving for some juicy and tender North Carolina style pulled pork. You can even have an outdoor kitchen refrigerator installed, so your drinks are cold and handy whenever you want one. Trips to the indoor kitchen are kept to a minimum with all the necessary condiments and foods stored right next to the grill.

Grill Islands On Wheels

Outdoor grill islands can be portable, self contained units also. Made with built-in wheels, these can be rolled to wherever it's most convenient to cook. Made of weather resistant cedar and a weather proof granite countertop, these can be functional works of art that you would be proud to own.

Aren't you getting tired of trying to do all of your outdoor food preparation on a little flip-up tray mounted on the side of your grill? An outdoor barbecue grill island would definitely be a nice addition to your patio.

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Barbecue Grill Island