Brinkman Smoker

For the price, the Brinkman smoker is not a bad deal. Many first time meat smoking pitmasters had their beginnings with one of these. Affectionately know as the ECB, or El Cheapo Brinkman, these charcoal smokers actually have a bit of a following.

Brinkmann charcoal smokers, even though inexpensive, can do a great job of smoking meats. More expensive charcoal smokers are built with better and sturdier materials. They have better controls and attachments, and will last longer. And they will do a better job than the ECB. But dollar for dollar, the Brinkman smoker ain't no slouch.

There aren't too many bargains today. Pick up a Brinkman charcoal smoker sometime and give it a try. It may end up being a simple pleasure.

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Brinkman Smoker

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