Grilled Beef Recipes

Nothing quite hits the spot like a big ol' hunk of beef. One of these grilled beef recipes will surely do the trick for you if you have a hankering for some real protein! Beef for the grill comes in many forms...roasts, steaks, prime rib, back ribs, short ribs, hamburgers, and brisket. And if you have deep pockets, grilled beef tenderloin can be enjoyed on occassion.

Even though red meat has gotten a bad rap in recent years, there's a lot of nutrition in the stuff. This nutrient dense food is high in protein, zinc, B vitamins and iron.

If you're concerned about the levels of cholesterol and fat in the beef you eat, choose cuts with "loin" and "round" in their names, like eye of round, and sirloin. These cuts are the leanest of the beef. Trimming the visible fat before grilling also makes a big difference in the total amount of fat being consumed.

Grilled Roast Beef

Grilling roast beef that's tender and juicy requires some knowledge of the different cuts and how they are best cooked. You'll find tips and recipes for grilling tri tips, London broil, beef tenderloin and more.

Spicy Grilled Meatloaf Recipe

This meatloaf is cooked on aluminum foil, right over medium hot coals. It's easy to make and cooks fairly quickly. And this grilled meatloaf recipe can be adjusted to more sensitive tastes by backing off on the cayenne and black pepper.

Grilled Prime Rib Roast

This recipe for grilled prime rib roast is seasoned with garlic and horseradish. Grilled using indirect heat, the roast can take from 10 to 20 minutes per pound to complete. Include with this recipe is a tasty sauce that complements the prime rib nicely.

Grilled Brisket Recipes

Brisket takes time to become tender and juicy. With extended periods of grilling using the indirect method, you will achieve a mouthwatering brisket. Visit Grilled Brisket Recipes to learn how to grill brisket to perfection.

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