Grilled Ginger Pineapple Sticks

Serve a batch of grilled ginger pineapple sticks for dessert or just for a sweet snack. Fresh ginger adds a real zing to these easy to eat treats.

For this recipe, you'll need...

One whole, fresh pineapple
Large bamboo skewers
One tablespoon of fresh ginger root, minced
One cup orange juice

Core and peel the pineapple. Slice into one inch thick sections, from top to bottom. Cut each piece in half. You should end up with about two dozen pieces, one inch square and three inches long.

Combine the ginger and orange juice to make the fruit marinade. Put the pineapple and marinade in a freezer bag, and refrigerate overnight. Flip the bag a few times to make sure that all sides of the pineapple are flavored with the ginger. Soak two dozen skewers in water as the pineapple marinates.

Skewer the pineapple sections and grill over high heat for just long enough to form grill marks. This should take about one minute per side.

Serve the grilled ginger pineapple sticks hot off the grill. Food's always more fun served on a stick!

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