Grilled Poultry Recipes

For finely flavored fowl, you'll find these grilled poultry recipes very helpful. Whether the feathered critters you're grilling are quail, turkey, ducks or geese, you'll find a recipe here that fills the bill.

The Secret of Great Grilled Poultry - Brining

Now you know the secret. This simple step will improve the quality of your grilled birds tremendously. A basic brine is made by combining one gallon of water with one cup of salt and one-half cup sugar.

It's preferable to use canning salt in brine. Table salt contains anti-clumping agents that prevent the crystals from sticking together in humid conditions. Those agents (chemicals, actually) also add an undesireable flavor to the brine, so it's best to steer clear of table salt.

Herbs and spices can be added to the brine for additional flavor, as can vegetables and fruit juices. Brining allows for a lot of experimention with flavors. It's kind of fun to come up with a new one.

Whole or halved birds, with the bone still in, should be brined for four, and no more than eight hours. Smaller birds, individual legs, breasts and thighs, and boned poultry should be brined for a shorter time.

In addition to adding flavor to the poultry, brining changes the character of the meat fibers, allowing it to retain more moisture that it would if not brined. That's the magic of brining.

Grilled Poultry Recipes

Here are a few grilled poultry recipes I'm sure you'll enjoy trying.

Grilled Quail Recipes
Included on this page are recipes for Greek style quail, Butter Quail, and Grilled Quail with Onions.

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