Grilled Swordfish Recipe

Grilled Swordfish Recipe I made this easy grilled swordfish recipe when camping in Anastasia State Park, which is located in St. Augustine, Florida. The city is on the Atlantic coast, and lays claim to being the oldest continually occupied city in the continental United States.

When I first arrived at the park I was so close to the ocean I could smell it, which naturally gave me a strong hunger for seafood! Driving along the St. Augustine main drag I found a little seafood shop, memorably named, "The Seafood Shoppe"! Great place, and great service, too.

Pumpkin Swordfish Recipe I asked for a recommendation, and it was suggested I try the pumpkin swordfish. I'd never had swordfish before, and the pumpkin variety was locally available for a short time. So I bought a nice fillet weighing about a pound. Meal size for me!

Grilling Swordfish

Grilled Swordfish Recipe Even though I'd never grilled swordfish, I knew that it was best grilled with a quick application of high, direct heat. I wanted to enjoy the pure flavor of the fish, so I decided salt and black pepper would be the only seasoning used.

It looks like I was a little heavy handed with the kosher salt, but a lot of it falls off into the grill as the fish cooks, so it actually came out just right for my tastes.

Grilled Pumpkin Swordfish Recipe On that trip I was using my small Weber Smoky Joe kettle as an RV grill. Because I was cooking a single fillet, I lit about 25 briquettes in my charcoal chimney then dumped them in, all positioned to one side.

Grilled Swordfish Recipe

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Swordfish steaks, 1 per person
Salt and black pepper to taste
Vegetable oil

Grilled Pumpkin Swordfish On Plate After a quick oiling of the grate, I placed the pumpkin swordfish steak right over the hot coals. After 3 minutes on the first side it was turned over and given another 3 minutes.

Removed from the grill, I let the fillet rest for a couple more minutes as I prepared to eat. And when I took the first bite, I found it to be excellent! Great flavor and texture, and very moist.

Next time you're traveling near the coast and spy a little seafood shop, stop and ask if they have any fresh pumpkin swordfish. If they do, give this simple grilled swordfish recipe a try. I know you'll be pleased with the results!

Scenic St. Augustine

--Welcome to St. Augustine!--
The Seafood Shoppe St. Augustine Florida

While at St. Augustine I enjoyed a few of the local attractions. The St. Augustine Lightstation was really interesting. Climbing the stairs to the top was also a great workout!

St. Augustine Lightstation

--Looking up the stairwell--
St. Augustine Lightstation Stairwell

--My Campsite at Anastasia State Park--
Anastasia State Park Camping

--El Castillo de San Marcos--
El Castillo de San Marcos

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