Grilled Venison Loin

Venison backstrap is tender and flavorful. And when grilled, venison loin steaks are hard to beat. Additional flavor is added to the meat by a wrap of bacon around the venison steak before hitting the grill.

Slice the loin into steaks, each about one and one-quarter inches thick. Brush the steaks with Worcestershire sauce, then season lightly with a bit of seasoned salt, black pepper, and garlic powder.

Gently form the steaks into circular shapes, and wrap bacon around the sides. Use just enough bacon to slightly overlap, and secure it with a toothpick. The bacon and toothpick will help the steaks retain their shape as they grill.

Let the loin steaks rest at room temperature while the grill is preheating.

Grilling the Venison Loin Steaks

Preheat your gas or charcoal grill to medium-high heat. The steaks will be cooked over direct heat to the desired level of doneness.

At 145 degrees Fahrenheit, the meat is medium rare, and will be moist and tender. If you prefer, give the steaks a few more minutes on the grill. They will be medium when the internal temperature reaches 160 degrees.

Remove the grilled venison loin steaks from the grill when they are 5 degrees below the target temperature. Let them rest, lightly covered with foil on the counter, for ten minutes before serving. As they rest, the juices will redistribute through the meat, and the internal temperature will continue to rise and hit the target temp.

As the venison is resting, cook a few grilled vegetables to serve alongside the main course.

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