Kingsford Barrel Grill

If you both grill and smoke, the Kingsford barrel grill is what you need to have. There are two sizes available, plus you can get the optional firebox that'll turn this beauty into a pit smoker. Nice!

The built in dampers provide for good temperature control, and the front and side shelves make for convenient outdoor cooking.

Kingsford Barrel Grill, KB700

With over 600 square inches of space for food, this one will do a lot of grillin'! The charcoal rack is adjustable for ideal temperature control, and the food grates are chrome plated for long life. There's also a handy shelf under the grill for storing odds and ends.

When you add the optional side-mounted firebox, the grill is transformed into a pit smoker, great for cooking ribs and briskets low and slow.

Kingsford KB800 Grill

This is a larger version of the KB700 grill. Temperature is controlled with the dampers and charcoal height adjustment. There's also a temperature guage on the grill lid so you can see just how hot things are getting. The unit is supported on a stand that includes a pair of plastic wheels for mobility.

With the side firebox (available separately), you can smoke foods at the lower temperatures required for getting that perfect texture and flavor only offered by smoke cooking.

The Masterbuilt Kingsford Side Firebox

Add this firebox to either of the barrel grills and you'll have a horizontal pit smoker. Slow smoke your ribs, briskets, chickens and pork butt for the ultimate in flavor and texture. The low temperature cooking allows for the formation of the smoke ring, that pink layer of meat under the surface that pitmasters strive for.

The box has both front and side access doors, and a heavy guage charcoal tray.

If you decided to get one of the Kingsford barrel grills, think about adding the side firebox for smoking.

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