Kingsford Charcoal Grill

This high quality Kingsford charcoal grill gets the job done right. The console style grill comes in two sizes, each providing perfect heat levels due to their adjustable charcoal racks and perfected venting system.

Add on the classy powder coated finish and easy to clean ash pan and you have a long lasting charcoal grill that'll give you years of great cooking.

The Kingsford Large Console Grill

A grilling area of over 780 square inches makes this charcoal grill great for barbecue parties. Its many features make this Kingsford grill one of the best on the market. When your grill is delivered, you'll find...

A double wall lid for maximum heat retention, porcelain coated cooking racks, an adjustable charcoal rack, a warming rack, an enclosed bottom cabinet, two side shelves, and much more.

If you want a grill that does it all and does it well, this is the one for you. Kingsford knows how to make charcoal, and they now know how to make the best charcoal grills.

Kingsford's Small Black Console Grill

The Kingsford small black console grill has many of the same features as its big brother. It's great for smaller spaces, with a still respectable 450 square inches of grilling space. Add charcoal through the handy front access door, and then adjust the heat level perfectly by using the top and bottom air dampers.

Built into the shelves are condiment holders that just make your job easier. And that large enclosed storage cabinet under the grill is perfect for storing charcoal, utensils, and your charcoal starting chimney.

Try a console style Kingsford charcoal grill if you need large capacity and crave the ultimate in temperature control.

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