Kingsford Kettle Grill

Built by the Masterbuilt company, the Kingsford kettle grill is a well built outdoor cooker that's available in a variety of sizes. It's good looking and great cooking.

All of these Kingsford charcoal grills have well positioned airflow controls, chromed grates, heavy duty charcoal racks and are porcelain coated for good looks and a long, useful life.

The Kingsford Portable Charcoal Grill

With a cooking area of over 150 square inches, this small tabletop grill is lightweight, portable, and able to cook enough for two to four hungry people. The handy ash removal system allows you to keep the grill clean, which is important for ensuring a long life. The handle is cool to the touch, and the short legs make it perfect for tabletop grilling.

The heavy duty grill lid and base are powder coated in gloss black, adding to the longevity of the grill. This one will provide many years of portable grilling.

The 18 1/2" Kingsford Kettle Grill

This Masterbuilt Kingsford grill is well known for it's even heating characteristics. The lid vent is offset to one side so the direction of airflow through the grill can be directed just the way you want it. The four legs supporting the grill sport a pair of durable plastic wheels and a handy rack for your charcoal or grilling utensils.

The cooking grate is chrome plated for long life. Bake-lite handles are cool to the touch, and the porcelain coated ash catcher is easy to remove for cleaning...just give it a twist and it comes off easily.

The Kingsford 22 1/2" Kettle Grill

With over 500 square inches of grilling space this Kingsford grill will allow you to feed a small army. The air dampers are easy to use and provide excellent heat control. The charcoal grate is heavy duty steel. Like it's smaller cousin, this one also has a pair of wheels and a shelf under the kettle for storage.

Keep the inside free of ashes by using and emptying the ash catcher often. When ash is exposed to humidity it becomes corrosive, shortening the lifespan of grills and grates.

There are many different brands of kettle-style grills on the market. The Kingsford kettle grill ranks highly because of its durability, its ease of cleaning and its excellent grilling characteristics.

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