Grilled Larry Burgers

Grilled hamburgers are good, but grilled Larry Burgers are great! Juicy and full of flavor, these burgers really make an impression when served to family and friends.

I first had Larry's hamburgers years ago, soon after my sister married "Larry". Renowned as a great cook, indoors and out, Larry concocted a special recipe for his signature hamburger.

Grilled Larry Burgers

For this recipe you will need:

Two pounds of 80/20 ground beef
One-half cup finely chopped white onion
One quarter cup finely chopped green pepper
One quarter cup finely chopped red pepper
One quarter cup barbecue sauce
One quarter cup bread crumbs
One quarter cup Parmesan cheese
Two tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
One tablespoon garlic powder
One whole egg
One teaspoon paprika
One teaspoon black pepper
One teaspoon salt
One half teaspoon cayenne pepper

Combine all of the ingredients in a bowl, mixing well. Allow to rest at room temperature as the grill warms up to medium high. Form the ground meat mixture into patties, being gentle. Don't pack the meat together tightly. Like I said, be gentle. You should be able to get about 8 one-third pound patties, about one inch thick, out of this recipe.

Place the Larry Burgers on the grill and drop the lid down. This'll prevent flare-ups from the dripping grease. Cook the burgers 5 to 7 minutes before flipping them. Grill another 4 or 5 minutes or until done to your preference. If the meat is browned in the middle, they'er done.

Serve these tasty burgers on onion buns, with lettuce, cheese, sliced dill pickles and condiments. Try these, and I will personally thank Larry for you.

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