Maverick Digital Laser Thermometer

This tool makes taking temperatures fun. With the Maverick digital laser thermometer you just aim the laser beam and pull the trigger. It's perfect for checking to see if the grill is hot enough for those grilled ribeye steaks.

The Maverick Infrared Thermometer

Just aim and shoot. This cool infra red thermometer checks temperatures up to 5 feet away and measures from minus 58 degrees F to a whopping 1022 degrees Fahrenheit. Now that would cook steaks fast, wouldn't it!

Easily change the display to read either Fahrenheit or Celsius. It's important to note that this thermometer will display only the surface temperature of what it's aimed at. It can't be used for checking the internal temperatures of foods.

By the way. The two AA batteries required for this unit are included, so you can have fun with this digital laser thermometer right out of the package.

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