Outdoor Kitchens

Are outdoor kitchens making backyard picnics with the charcoal grill and cooler obsolete? More and more, people are building outdoor kitchens and barbecue grill islands on the backyard patio. Full service cooking centers with stainless sinks, outdoor refrigerators and ice machines, weather proof outdoor cabinets and built in luxury grills are becoming commonplace.

It used to be that if you wanted to have a barbecue at home, you'd fire up the charcoal grill and burn some burgers and hot dogs. The back door would be banging as the potato salad, plates, glasses, utensils and more would be brought from indoors to out. And don't forget the cooler full of cold drinks. Oh oh...forgot the napkins. So it's back into the house again!

Outdoor Kitchen Design

With good design, there can be plenty of permanent storage for everything you'll need for outdoor entertaining. A dedicated set of cups, glasses, plates, utensils and cookware can be left outdoors ready for action at any time. Where's the plastic tablecloth for the picnic table? Well in the barbecue island cabinet, of course!

No more running to the kitchen for ice and condiments. The outdoor kitchen refrigerator and the outdoor kitchen ice machine have it all under control. Side dishes can be prepped from start to finish while enjoying the warm breezes of summer, or the chill nip of fall. And a natural gas patio heater can take that chill away, so you can have four season comfort.

Don't Forget The (Outdoor) Kitchen Sink!

A sink with running water makes it easy to prepare the potato salad. Boil the taters on the natural gas outdoor cooktop, chill them under running water and chop them up. All the spices and the mayo are close at hand. After the potato salad is done, pop it into the fridge. Who needs the indoors, anyway?

A built in luxury grill can cook a steak or smoke a pork shoulder. Oh yeah, you can even cook up some Oscar Mayer Wieners if you want. And since it's a natural gas grill, you'll never have the bother of running out of gas just as you put the steaks on.

Some of the best outdoor kitchen plans include outdoor lighting that allow night long entertaining. Why would anyone want to ever cook inside again?

Unfortunately, weather can put a damper on the party. In locales with cold winters, the freezing weather requires that the water lines be shut off and drained. And rain or snow any time of the year would make the indoor cooking the best choice. But for much of the year, outdoor kitchens make for a pleasant change of pace.

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Outdoor Kitchens

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