Thanksgiving 2009 Turkey

The recipe for my Thanksgiving 2009 turkey worked out pretty well. I bought a rather large 22 pound prebasted turkey this year, because I just couldn't pass up the 39 cents per pound price.

Because of its size, I cut up the turkey into smoker friendly sections - the whole breast, the wings, and the leg quarters. My recipe for injectable marinade seasoned the bird, and it was smoked using some well aged black walnut smoking wood.

The back section of the turkey, along with the trim scraps went into a stock pot with spices and parsley, and were baked until nicely browned. Water was added, and the homemade turkey stock was simmered for another hour. The stock and rich turkey meat from the back was used to make some rich turkey dressing.

I tried a new trick when lighting the charcoal for my Weber Smoky Mountain cooker. My brother had heard that if the paper stuffed into the bottom of the charcoal chimney was soaked with a little vegetable oil, it would burn much longer than paper without oil would burn. And you know, it worked pretty well! Burned for a long time, and seemed to bring the charcoal to ashen white a little quicker than normal.

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