Turkey Leftover Recipes

After the holiday, turkey leftover recipes will keep you from getting bored with the bird. After gorging on grilled or smoked turkey for a meal or three, this tryptophan laden meat can become tiring if not dished up in some interesting recipes.

Turkey is quite versatile when it comes to being used in recipes, and most recipes can be altered to work well with turkey meat. Turkey soup is one leftover turkey recipe that has endless variations. Casseroles made with turkey also offer a lot of room for variety and experimentation.

Recipes using left over turkey can be as simple as making a simple turkey sandwich with mayo, or more complex. One of my favorite recipes for leftover turkey is turkey lasagna. The sauce between the layers of pasta, mozzarella cheese and ricotta is filled with shredded and chopped turkey. Very tasty!

Benefits of Turkey

  • Turkey is low in fat, high in protein. -- Three ounces of skinless breast meat contain 26 grams of protein, but only one gram of fat.

  • Turkey contains a variety of vitamins and minerals. -- Levels of selenium, B vitamins, potassium and zinc in turkey may help prevent certain cancers and heart disease, and strengthen the immune system.

The white meat of the breast is low in fat and works especially well in low fat, healthy recipes...which most of us need after the holiday festivities! Leftover turkey chili can be an excellent choice for healthy eating. By using white turkey meat with tomatoes, other veggies, beans and spices, a low fat, high fiber, nutrient dense meal can be put together with ease.

Turkey Leftover Recipes

Turkey Chili Recipe - A great way to use leftover turkey, this chili recipe is really good. An optional ingredient is chipotle pepper powder, which adds smoky heat. Very nice!

Smoked Turkey 'n Barley Soup - This rich homemade soup is chock full of vegetables and barley, and has a nice smoky flavor to boot.

Leftover Turkey Stock - The leftover turkey carcass provides the makings for a batch of homemade turkey stock that is great used in soups or stews.

Freezing Leftover Turkey

And when you've had enough turkey, you can always freeze the leftovers for later use. If good quality freezer storage containers are used, the leftover meat can last several months. Breast sections or leg quarters can be frozen whole to be gently thawed and reheated when the mood for turkey strikes again.

Using leftover turkey can make for some exciting, interesting meals with the right turkey leftover recipes. You might just start enjoying the leftovers more than the main holiday meal!

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