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BlueSmoke Gazette - Grill Fire Warning
July 27, 2008

Special Edition - Perfect Flame Grill Catches Fire

The image below is a screenshot of a web page built by a man who had some very, very bad luck with a propane grill. He purchased the grill, a Perfect Flame model GAC3615, at a Lowes Home Improvement Center in Tulsa, OK on November 23, 2007, and evidently used it without problems until July 7th of this year.

He lit the grill to preheat it, got it up to about 400 degrees, then went indoors to do some food preparation. He left the grill unattended for about 5 minutes, and when he returned, he found his grill engulfed in flames! It wasn't just a grease fire, the metal of the grill had actually ignited and was burning white-hot!

Why am I sending out this Special Edition of the BlueSmoke Gazette?

So you're aware of the problem this man claimed to have with his Perfect Flame grill, and if you have one of them, take appropriate action.

I can't tell you what that action might be, but after you read his story, you can decide what, if anything, you should do if you have one of those grills.

I'm very surprised that the metal parts of the grill actually caught on fire. I know that magnesium will burn, and it's possible that the aluminum contained a high percentage of the metal. It's reported that many owners of the grill experienced problems with the burners cracking while the grills were still fairly new.

The grill was a product manufactured in China.

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