The Bradley Electric Smoker

For easy smoking, the Bradley electric smoker is an excellent choice. The heart of this smoker is the electric Bradley smoke generator.

The smoke generator has two separate heating elements. One is a smoking element for burning the flavor bisquettes. The other element is positioned inside the refrigerator-like smoker cabinet provides heat for cooking the food.

The Original Bradley Black Smoker

This versatile smoker can be used for cold smoking, drying and dehydrating, hot smoking, and roasting. The temperature can be kept very low by leaving the internal heating element off. The ambient temperature will have an effect on the temperature of the smoke chamber when cold smoking. For hot smoking and roasting, the temperature can be set to a maximum of about 320 degrees Fahrenheit.

The smoke generator is fully automatic and will operate untended for 8 hours when fully loaded with Bradley flavor bisquettes. The bisquettes are fed one at a time onto the heating element that slowly burns the wood. The bisquettes are burned at a rate of one every 20 minutes.

A variety of different wood types and flavors are available from Bradley, so you can get the exact smoke flavor you want.

The Smoker Cabinet

There are four adjustable racks inside the cabinet that will hold plenty of food, making it great for smoking entire meals at once. Smoke a brisket, some baby back ribs, and chicken all at the same time. The cabinet is available in the original black powder coated finish, and also with a durable stainless steel exterior.

The Bradley smokers are built with double wall construction. The inner surface is aluminum, and the outer is either steel finished with a black color, or great looking stainless steel.

Nice and Easy

The Bradley Electric Smoker is the size of a small refrigerator, so it can fit easily in many outdoor locations. Just load it with food and bisquettes and start it up. You can forget about it while it's doing all the work!

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