Sassafrass For Smoking Meat

by Blythe D.

Has anyone ever used Sassafrass wood for smoking meats or fish? I have access to some and would like to try it out in my smoker if it's safe to use. I'm also curious about the flavor sassafrass smoke adds to food.

All comments appreciated


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smoking meat with sassafrass
by: Anonymous

I tried smoking some chicken with a little packet of sassafrass chips my sister got me. I smoked a couple of chicken breasts with just a few ounces of chips. The trick to smoking meat for flavor as opposed to preservation is time. I smoke my meat 24 hours prior to cooking it regardless of the type of chips used or how long I smoked it.

I refrigerate it for about 24 hours before I cook it to let the smoke flavor soak into the meat. Then I cook my meat by frying, baking, broiling or any other method other than cooking over a wood fire which would defeat the whole purpose of smoking in the first place.I then cook my meat to the desired temperature and/or doneness.

Neighbor Dozed Down MY Sassafras Trees
by: lihmusic

I was sick when I noticed that my new neighbor had dozed down all of my nice sassafras trees. I think he needs to plant several new trees to replace those he decided to doze down. He never asked me if he could doze the trees down. He just wanted more room for him double-wide mobile home and decided the best place to find more room was to doze my trees down. I'm furious about his decision!!

Is Sassafras Good For Smoking?
by: Bill

I've never used sassafras myself, but have heard from many that it's a great wood for smoking meats, poultry and fish. It's described to add a fairly light flavor to foods if the bark is removed. Sassafras wood smoke has a great aroma, but from what I've read, meats smoked with it don't end up with that sort of flavor.

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