Stove Top Smokers Add Smoky Flavor To Your Foods

The Cameron Stove Top Smoker

Indoor stove top smokers are great for adding a bit of smokiness to foods right in the kitchen. These smokers cook by dry roasting, while imparting a light smokiness to the food.

Using one or two tablespoons of smoker wood dust is all that is recommended in the smoker. More can give your food a bitter taste. It's best to start out using a small amount of smoking wood, increasing the amount the next time if you want more smoke flavor.

How Stove Top Smokers Work

These smokers are made up of four separate sections.

  1. The Main Smoker Pan -- This is the largest part of the smoker. The other parts fit inside, with the lid covering the top.

  2. The Drip Pan -- This catches any drippings from the food. Liquid can be added to steam the food while it's smoking.

  3. The Rack -- This is where the food rests during smoking, and allows smoke to reach its entire outer surface for a complete, smoky flavor.

  4. The Lid -- The lid encloses the works, trapping the smoke and moisture with the food in the main smoker pan.

To use the smoker, add one or two tablespoons of smoking wood dust to the bottom of the main smoker pan. Next, place the drip pan in place over the wood. The rack goes in next.

Place the food on the rack, put the lid in place, and it's ready to smoke. Set the smoker on your electric or gas range top, and set it to medium or medium-high.

Cameron's makes a popular smoker. Made of stainless steel, Cameron's smokers are available in a couple of different sizes.

Purchase a Stove Top Smoker And Give It a Try!

Hints and Tips For Using a Cameron's Smoker

Adding a little water with herbs, spices or beverages to the drip pan will add flavor to your food.

A bit of foil under the wood chips in the bottom of the smoker will protect the bottom of the pan from discoloration, and will make cleanup easier. The inside of the smoker will become stained and discolored over time from the smoke. It’s nothing to worry over.

The tight fitting lid traps most of the smoke so your smoke alarms remain quiet. The lid also holds in moisture and prevents the food from drying.

After 20 minutes on the stove top, the smoker can be placed in the oven to finish off foods needing longer cooking times.

Emeril Lagasse Uses One

Emeril Lagasse has been seen using Cameron Smokers on his TV show. Many other professional chefs use stove top smokers to impart a smoke flavor to foods quickly and right in the kitchen.

One of these will give you the option of leaving your outdoor smoker in the shed one night a week, and just doing a wee bit o' smoking in the comfort of your own home.

And I'll tell you, if these smokers are good enough for Emeril to use, they are good enough for you and me! BAM!!

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