Weber Kettle Grills

My Awesome Weber Kettle Grill Smoking an Awesomer Beef Brisket!

We all know that Weber kettle grills are some of the best charcoal grills around. The domed lid design was invented by Weber, and is the industry standard for great grilling.

There are several models of the Weber kettle charcoal grill available. All have great temperature control provided by the upper and lower venting system. Basic black is the standard color of these grills, and if you try one, you'll be pleasantly surprised with the quality.

Weber 22-1/2 inch One Touch Gold

With a 22-1/2 inch diameter, this grill has a lot of room for a lot of food. Whole briskets and slabs of ribs are not a problem. There's a removable high capacity ash catcher that makes cleanup a breeze. The plated food grate is hinged, which makes adding charcoal to the existing fire a snap.

Durable wheels make it easy to move around. The one touch cleaning/venting system is made of stainless steel, and the entire base and lid are coated with porcelain enamel finish. A 10 year warranty shows that Weber stands behind their product.

The Weber 18-1/2 inch One Touch Silver Grill

The Weber One Touch Silver Kettle grill is an economical choice. It still cooks like a champ, but it just doesn't have the bells and whistles the platinum models have. The ash catcher is a basic aluminum bowl, and venting and cleaning are accomplished by using the One Touch lever.

The main cooking area is 18-1/2 inches in diameter, so there's room to cook some food. It's not a huge sized grill, but it's big enough for two to four people. The well designed lid causes the heat and smoke to circulate around the food, cooking it evenly and quickly. Overall, this is a good, basic kettle grill.

Weber Kettle Grills Include The Smokey Joe Platinum Kettle

The Weber 51020 Smokey Joe grill provides a cooking area 18-1/2 inches in diameter. This model is a portable grill with short legs for easy transport from place to place. There is a lid lock that attaches the lid securely to the base, making the grill easy to carry.

Porcelain coated for long life, this grill carries a ten year warranty. The cooking grate is made of nickel plated steel, and the handle is durable thermoplastic.

The Weber 60020 Ranch Kettle

This is the mother of all kettle grills, with a cooking area of over 1100 square inches, and a diameter of over 36 inches. No wonder it's called "The Ranch". It's big enough to feed a ranch house full of cowboys! This top of the line Weber kettle grill will look impressive on your patio.

Temperature is controlled by adjusting the vents on top and at the bottom. A large removable ash catcher makes cleanup nice and easy, too. Locking casters keep this beauty securely in position. A nice touch is the tool holder that's built right onto the grill. Great for hanging those utensils.

Any of these Weber grills would be an excellent outdoor cooker for the beginner or for the seasoned pitmaster.

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