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The BlueSmoke Gazette, Issue #010 -- May 10, 2007
May 10, 2007

Smokin', Grillin', and Storm Time!

Hello to everyone, and welcome to those of you receiving the BlueSmoke Gazette for the first time. I would like to personally thank you for your interest in my newsletter.

It's prime time for outdoor cooking, whether it be smoking or grilling. Hopefully you've all had a chance to enjoy a smoky slab of ribs or a bit of grilled chicken this spring.

I've been busy grilling and smoking when the weather permits. However the weather here in southcentral Kansas has been a little on the wild side recently. It's calmed down since last week's tornadoes, so I plan to be doing some outdoor cooking this weekend.

In This Issue

Captain Morgan BBQ Sauce Recipe
Grilled Ribeye Steaks
Video Of Kansas Tornadoes

Grilled Tilapia

For a quick, great tasting meal, grilled tilapia is a good choice. Nowadays tilapia, both whole and filleted, can be found at most stores and is usually inexpensive. The white-fleshed fish has a very good flavor and is low in calories. Try this recipe for grilled whole tilapia.

Southwestern Grilled Chicken Breasts

Serve up this easy to make Southwestern grilled chicken dish next time you're in the mood for something spicy and healthy. Boneless breast sections are seasoned and grilled, then served on a bed of a tangy salad.

How Hot Is My Grill?

Grill recipes call for grill temperatures ranging from low to very hot. Adjusting for the different heat levels can be accomplished by adjusting the gas flame, using more or less charcoal, spreading the coals, or by adjusting the space between the coals and the food. The trick is knowing when HOT is HOT! Try this handy temperature test to determine when your grill is ready for those steaks or chicken breasts.

Captain Morgan BBQ Sauce

In a moment of inspiration brought on by a cold rum drink and the smell of smoking brisket, Captain Morgan barbecue sauce was born. As my brother-in-law Larry smoked a twelve pound brisket in his Oklahoma Joe pit smoker, we enjoyed a few cocktails. Captain Morgan Private Stock spiced rum and Coke was the flavor of the day, and oh what a wonderful flavor it was.

Grilled Ribeye Steaks

The aroma of marinated ribeye steaks grilling in the backyard just might cause your neighbors to jump the fence to see what's cooking. Better grill a few extra, just in case.

Chasing Kansas Tornadoes

Last Saturday, May 5th, when the storms began to kick up again, I decided to take my videocam out and try to get some video of the storm. Here's what I saw.

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