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The BlueSmoke Gazette, Issue #025 -- August 11, 2008
August 10, 2008

Smoke a Pork Picnic Shoulder

You may need to start smoking before sunrise if you want tasty pulled pork come supper time! This cut of meat takes a l-o-n-g time to cook, so be prepared to keep your smoker company for at least eight hours, and very possibly twelve hours or more! The last picnic shoulder I smoked took a total of twelve and a half hours to reach 195°F. The roast weighed in at 10 pounds, which translates to 1 hr, 15 minutes per pound, at an average smoking temperature of 225°F.

If you have a smoker that maintains a fairly steady temperature, it's really not too much of a hassle. I used my Weber Smokey Mountain charcoal smoker, which provides really good temperature control by using the air vent adjustments. The three intake vents on the bottom were kept a little less than halfway open throughout the session, with the one facing the wind closed just a bit more. The top vent was kept completely open the entire time. The first addition of charcoal kept the temperature at 225°F for ten hours straight. I then added about 20 more unlit briquettes just to make sure I'd have heat as long as I needed it. In hindsight, I could have easily made it through the entire 12-1/2 hours without adding more charcoal. The Weber Bullet is a very efficient charcoal smoker.

I haven't installed a thermometer on the smoker yet, and I doubt that I will. I use a remote wireless thermometer to monitor the smoker temperature. That way, I can sit indoors in my easy chair, all the while keeping a close eye on the smoker temperature. I set the alarm to go off if the temp rose above 230°F, just in case I decided to take a little nap.

Why would you want to commit twelve hours of your day to smoking a pork shoulder picnic? Because they make some of the best darned pulled pork around. Give one a try and you'll see what I mean.


Smokin' a Pork Shoulder Picnic

What Is a Picnic?
It's inexpensive, and it tastes really good when cooked properly. And by properly I mean low and slow.

Prepare Your Picnic...
It's easy to get your picnic ready for smoking. A little trim here and there, then some seasoning is about all it takes.

Smoke Your Picnic...
Place that bad boy on the smoker and maintain the correct temperature for hours. And hours. Add some smoke-wood for flavor, and you got it!

A Picnic Dry Rub Recipe...
This low-salt recipe for pork shoulder picnics will do a fine job seasoning any pork. Being low in salt, you can put on as much flavor as you like without the worry of making things too salty.

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