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The BlueSmoke Gazette--Beef Roasts, Grilled and Smoked
April 05, 2009

Roast Grilled or Smoked Beef

It snowed again this morning. And it snowed (a lot) last weekend. And in-between snowy weekends we had 70 degree weather. Spring is fickle here in Kansas.

I've had time to do some smoking and grilling during the last month, weather permitting, and concentrated on beef roasts. There are a lot of different cuts to choose from, some good for the barbecue, others not so good.

One of my favorites is the smoked tri tip recipe. Others that I tried on the grill were the chuck eye roast, the rib roast, and a pricey chunk of beef tenderloin, which was well worth the price!

Beef - Red Meat for Red Blooded Eaters

Smoked Tri Tip
Known also as triangle roast and Santa Maria steak, the tri tip is a great cut for the smoker. This recipe is seasoned with a spicy rub, and smoked with traditional red oak.

Grilled Beef Rib Roast
Beef rib roast grills up nicely. The choice grade is usually sold in grocery stores, but prime rib roasts can be found if you do some looking.

Chuck Eye Roast
This inexpensive roast has lots of flavor, but can be a little on the greasy side.

Beautiful Beef Tenderloin
This is the best beef you can get. One word of caution - don'tovercookit!

Grilling Roast Beef
Which roast beef is best, and how do you grill it?

Other Beef Recipes

Grilled Filet Mignon
The filet should be grilled over direct high heat, turning once after two minutes, then grilled for another two minutes.

Marinated Ribeye Steaks
The aroma of marinated ribeye steaks grilling in the backyard just might cause your neighbors to jump the fence

Grampa's Grilled Steaks
One of my fondest childhood memories is when me and my grampa cooked grilled ribeye steaks in his backyard, under the big elm tree.

Smokey BBQ Beef
You could spend all day smoking beef chuck until it's tender...or you can take the smoker-to-oven shortcut

Smokey Prime Rib
If the weather isn't cooperating, do what I did and cook a smoky prime rib roast in the oven.

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