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The BlueSmoke Gazette--The Thanksgiving Turkey
November 01, 2009

Prepare to Cook a Memorable Turkey

In a little over three weeks those of us in the U.S. will celebrate Thanksgiving day. Originally for giving thanks for the fall harvest, Thanksgiving has evolved into being a holiday that for many is all about family, football, food and preparing for the battle of Black Friday shopping. The post-feast tradition might be an afternoon quail hunt, playing a game of Monopoly or just catnapping in front of the fireplace until the food has settled enough to make room for some leftover turkey and pumpkin pie.

The turkey might have been roasted in the oven, but more likely it was smoked, grilled or deep fat fried. More people are deciding to cook the holiday bird outdoors, and for good reason. Cooking the turkey outside keeps the kitchen cooler and leaves more room in the oven for those tasty side dishes and pies. And let's face it- smoked, grilled and fried turkeys taste great!

Perfect Your Technique

If you're experienced at smoking, frying and grilling turkeys, you have nothing to do until a week or so before Turkey Day. But if you've never cooked a turkey in a smoker, grill or deep fryer you'd be wise to gather your turkey cooking gear and do a practice run before Thanksgiving arrives. You want your holiday turkey to be memorable…for the right reasons.

This issue of the BlueSmoke Gazette is a call to action, a little nudge to get you thinking about your turkey cooking options. You'll receive the next edition of the Gazette very soon, and in it you'll find detailed instructions on one or more of the methods used to cook turkeys outdoors. It could be about deep frying or smoking, or about cooking turkeys in gas or charcoal grills. I might even tell you how to use one of those new fangled oilless turkey fryers. You'll get instructions for all the cooking methods, and in plenty of time to get some practice in if needed before November 26th arrives.

Thanksgiving Countdown

Turkey Smoking Start to Finish
Buy a turkey, brine it, season it and smoke it. Just one of many ways to cook that holiday bird.

Grill Smoked Turkey
You don't have to have a smoker to make smoked turkey.

Smoked Turkey Legs
These are great any time of year!

How To Make Turkey Brine
Step by step method of putting together a bucket of brine for that turkey.

Other Recipes

Steak Sticks
Steak can be eaten with your fingers, too! Cut into strips and threaded on skewers, the marinated steak melts in your mouth.

Stuffed Mushrooms
These are very tasty! Give them a try if you've never had 'em before.

My Favorite Smoker Thermometer

The Maverick Smoker Thermometer

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