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The BlueSmoke Gazette--Smoked Easter Ham
March 29, 2010

Double Smoked Easter Ham

The temperature inside Larry's pit smoker is running at a steady 199 degrees now, after just adding another stick of apple wood to the fire. The internal temperature of the Cook's brand Fully Cooked Spiral Sliced Honey ham is up to 51, from its original temperature of 44 degrees. When I took it out of the fridge, I let it sit out on the counter for an hour or so to warm up a bit before putting it in the smoker.

With Easter Sunday coming next weekend, I thought it would be a good time to brush up on my pre-cooked ham smoking technique. Well, that's my excuse. I always enjoy eating a nice double smoked ham. Why do I call it "double smoked"? Well, it's already been smoked once at the ham factory. This recipe adds another layer of smoky flavor to that beautifully cured pork.

The weather is cooperating today, which is an added bonus. Saturday was dreary, cold and rainy. Yesterday was sunny, but too cool for barefoot comfort. Today it's sunny and 70, which means the start of barefoot weather to me.

Now if you've never smoked a fully cooked ham before, this coming weekend might be the time to give it a try. It's not hard to do, and since the ham is fully cooked, it only needs to be warmed up to 140 degrees before serving. With this one, I opted to add no additional seasonings, and use the provided glaze on it after it's done. But if you want, you can add your favorite dry rub to the meat, proceeded by a coating of yellow mustard to hold it all in place.

And if you were at all curious about that thermometer probe sticking out the side of the ham in the picture, it's there so I can pay attention to the smoke chamber temperature - as I'm writing this newsletter.
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Other Easter Ideas

Smoked Leg of Lamb
Lamb is another traditional main course for the Easter meal. It's something I never tried until I was an adult, and I still haven't acquired a taste for it, but I know it's a popular dish to many.

Smoked Beef Rib Roast
Another meat that would be a good choice is a good standing rib roast. This recipe is simple, with few ingredients, and lets the flavor of the beef shine through.

Texas Smoked Brisket
Another non-traditional meat for Easter is brisket. But hey, it's smoked brisket, so you know it'll be good!

Apple Smoked Pork Loin
To keep the pork producers happy, here's a nice recipe for smoke pork loin. It includes a nice apple cinnamon sauce that goes nicely with a slice or two of the smoky loin.

This and That

Spatchcock Chicken
On a budget? A whole chicken is good eating, and leaves some jingle in your pocket.

Grilled Asparagus
The local asparagus season isn't quite here yet, but you can just about always find fresh asparagus at the grocery store.

Who Needs a Thermometer?
A good remote cooking thermometer is a must have item for smoking, unless you really want to hover over the smoker constantly. With these, you can go inside and relax, and keep an eye on the meat temperature at the same time.

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