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The BlueSmoke Gazette--Smoked Easter Ham
April 30, 2010

The Spring Smoker Giveaway Winner!

I woke up at 5AM today, counted the number of contest entries, and randomly picked one number. And the name sitting right next to that number was…

Larry Stanko!

I sent an email to Larry, and will give him a call later today if he doesn't respond to my congratulatory email before noon.

Larry, even though there might be a few regrets felt by the others who didn't win, I'm sure that everyone here is happy for you. As soon as I get your shipping info, I'll get your new Weber Smoky Mountain Cooker on its way, so you can put it together and try it out. Maybe you can break it in with a couple slabs of pork ribs...

Congratulations, Larry!

Smoking Pork Ribs

There are several different pork rib cuts you can cook up in the smoker, from whole sparerib slabs, trimmed spareribs, baby back ribs and country style ribs. Of those, baby backs and sparerib slabs trimmed to the more manageable St. Louis style are my favorites.

The slabs can be layed out flat on the smoker grate, stood on edge in a rib rack, or even wrapped up into a ring. Last time I smoked ribs, there was a small Boston butt, a beef chuck roast and several chicken leg quarters in the smoker too. By having the slab tied into a ring, everything fit just right.

I usually use a couple of metal skewers to secure the slab, but when I smoked this slab of ribs, I had to make due with a length of steel tie wire, and it worked just fine.

Pork Ribs, Pork Ribs!

Smoked Baby Back Ribs
Marinated in apple juice or cider, then seasoned with dry rub, this recipe makes some great eating. Use hickory, oak, or even some apple wood for smoke.

Memphis Style Pork Ribs
The slab is coated with a simple dry rub and allowed to rest for an hour or so before going into the smoker.

Easy Smoked Ribs
Season. Smoke. Sauce. Easy.

Country Style Pork Ribs
Country style ribs might be more to your liking.

Other Riblicious Info

12 Step Prep Program
A step by step pictorial collection that shows you how to prepare a sparerib slab for the smoker.

About Pork Spareribs
A thing or two or three about pork spareribs.

Kansas City Style Sauce
This one is on the side of thick and sweet, sorta like KC Masterpiece sauce. I like it.

Babyback Ribs
Yet another recipe for smoked babyback ribs.

The Thermometer to Have
Not really a must-have for smoking ribs, but a good tool to have for many other smoked meats.

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