Easy Smoked Rib Recipe

Raw Country Style Ribs On a White Plate

You deserve some R&R today. Prepare this easy smoked rib recipe as you lounge around in your jammies. I just hope you have a private backyard!

Easy-Peasy Country Style Ribs

Country style pork ribs will be the meat of choice for this recipe. Other ingredients needed are...

  • One bottle of bbq sauce (your favorite)
  • Salt and pepper
  • A smoker or grill

Season the ribs with a shake of salt and pepper. Figure on serving 1 to 3 of the country style ribs per person, depending on size (of the ribs and the person!). Cook the ribs in the smoker or on a covered grill until they're done, which according to the USDA is at 145 degrees. Remove and serve with sauce.

That's it! I told you this was going to be easy.