Propane Smokers

Adjusting the smoking temperature of propane smokers takes only the turn of a knob. That's just one of the attractions of these smokers. They are also convenient, having no wood or charcoal to mess with, and many have easy push-button ignition of the flame.

Vertical Style Smokers

The bullet style vertical smokers are similar to vertical electric and charcoal water smokers. The lower section of the gas smoker has a built-in gas burner. A woodchip box is mounted over the burner to provide smoke to the smoke chamber. There is a water pan above the chip box, which can be used full of water, empty, or with sand.

Brinkmann produces a model called the Smoke'n Grill, which is an inexpensive way to join the world of propane smoker cooking. With double racks, it's claimed to have a 50 pound capacity. My Brinkmann Gourmet electric smoker claims the same, but it just ain't so. Space must be allowed for heat and smoke to circulate. Realistically, expect to be able to smoke no more than 30 pounds at a time.

The Bradley Propane Smoker

Bradley has added a portable propane smoker to their line of products. The automatic smoke generator is powered by either 4 AA batteries, or it can be attached to a vehicle accessory plug with the included cable.

This lightweight smoker has four racks that'll hold a lot of food. They can be adjusted on the metal frame of the the smoke chamber to accomodate different sizes of food. A folding tent-like cover goes over the frame and racks to hold in the heat and smoke.

Great for picnics, camping and tailgating, the Bradley Propane Smokers are quality meat smokers at an affordable price.

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