Smoked Rib Recipes

Smoked Rib Recipes, Smoked Baby Back Ribs

When it comes to smoked rib recipes, these will really please everybody. There's nothing much better than sitting down to a big plate of smoky, tender ribs...but first, you have to do the smokin'!

Juicy, tender pork spare ribs, baby back ribs and country style ribs, smoked to perfection, are just the ticket for a rib stickin' feast. You'll find recipes for those and more, here on the smoked rib recipes page.

A good place to start is to visit Preparing Pork Spare Ribs, where you'll find good information about how to prepare pork ribs for seasoning and the smoker.

A Few of My Favorite Rib Recipes

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Wood Choices For Smoked Ribs

Pork ribs can be smoked with about any kind of smoking wood, but hickory and oak are the most popular. I enjoy apple-smoked pork ribs every now and then. But my usual method uses a combination of oak and hickory, at a ratio of two to one.

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I like the flavor hickory imparts to the smoked ribs, but I prefer it to be on the light side. Oak adds a lighter smokiness to the meat...and has a different taste. When I use apple wood, it's apple and apple alone.

FYI, I've used mesquite for smoking pork ribs, but the flavor just didn't do it for me. In my opinion, the stronger flavor of mesquite smoke is better suited for beef.

Very Special Smoked Rib Recipes

The rib recipes here are sure to make a hero out of the pitmaster! I'll be adding to the collection as time goes by...

  • Baby Back Ribs Recipe
    Fresh ground spices are the means to an end with this rib recipe. And it's a very happy ending, if you know what I mean.

  • Spicy Hot Ribs
  • Homemade, freshly ground chili powder is the secret to this fantastic rib recipe. It is a little spicy, but I think you can handle the heat. If you can't, well, get out of the kitchen!
  • Smoky Teriyaki Ribs
  • Arranged next to grilled vegetables and steamed rice, these smoked teriyaki pork ribs are excellent. Just plain excellent. All you need for this simple recipe is a slab (or two or three) of ribs, teriyaki sauce, green onions and guava wood for smoke.
  • Peppercorn Pork Ribs
  • If you love black pepper, and you love pork ribs, this recipe is a match made in Heaven! A black pepper rib rub seasons spare ribs to give them a spicy-hot flavor that's out of this world.
  • Smoked BabyBack Rib Recipe
  • These tender and juicy smoked babyback ribs start with a marinade in apple juice and seasonings, then get a sprinkling of dry rib rub for the final touch of flavor.
  • Country Style Pork Rib Recipe
  • An overnight rest in a flavorful dry rub adds a lot of flavor to these ribs. Smoke 'em until they are melt in your mouth tender!

Side Dishes
For Your Smoked Rib Recipes

When it's time to sit down to those scrumptious ribs, you need a little something on the side...maybe a nice garden salad, or some cornbread. How about some smoky baked beans ? I've always enjoyed a few grilled veggies beside my ribs, too.

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