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Do you love smoked foods? Are you an old hand at smoker cooking, looking for a new smoked meat recipe? Maybe you just licked your fingers clean after inhaling that platter of mouthwatering, tender, smoky ribs and thought to yourself...

    "I want to know
how to
smoke meat like that!

Smoking Briskets in GeorgiaSmoking Beef Briskets on a Homemade Smoker in Sylvania, Georgia

Smoker Cooking has plenty to offer for all! You'll find great smoker recipes for meats, seafood, poultry and more. Buying a smoker? You'll find an overview of all types of meat smokers, with tips on how to choose the right one. You'll learn how to use a smoker, and techniques for smoking ribs, brisket, chicken, turkey and salmon. You'll even find dry rub recipes to season it up, and barbeque sauce recipes to slather it down. And if you don't find what you're looking for, contact me and I'll do all I can to help you out!


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Smoked Meatloaf with Poblano Peppers Recipe

If you've been craving meatloaf, you might like this recipe for smoked meatloaf with poblano peppers.

Smoked Santa Maria Tri Tip, Sliced and Plated

Cooked with my new Char-Broil gas smoker, this smoked Santa Maria Tri Tip turned out perfectly - great flavor, and both tender and juicy.

Close-up of Bacon Wrapped Chicken Thighs

Try this great recipe for smoked bacon wrapped chicken thighs. Looks really good, doesn't it?

Beef 7 Bone Chuck Roast, In the Smoker

Chuck roast is always great when smoked, and this recipe using a beef chuck 7 bone roast is no exception.


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I am constantly updating this site with information about food smokers and grills, and new smoked meat recipes. I want to help you smoke the best food ever! Feel free to contact me any time with your questions about smoking foods, your comments about my site, or just to say "HI"! I'm glad to have you here, and sincerely hope that you enjoy your visit to Smoker,

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Cooking Thermometers | A Smoker Thermometer Is a Must-Have Tool
If you don't have a good cooking thermometer, get one! My smoked food really improved using a Maverick smoker thermometer, model ET-73. It checks meat and smoker temperature at the same time.
Use Charcoal Grills For Grilling AND Smoking Meats!
The types of charcoal grills serve many purposes. Which is best for you? Kettle grills, tailgating grills, or one-use disposable grills? Find out here!
All About Meat Smokers...The Meat Smoker Information Page.
When choosing meat smokers, the best for you could be a small gas grill. Or you may need a trailer-mounted barbecue pit smoker. Meat Smokers 101.
Dang! These Smoked Rib Recipes Are Great!
If you like smoked ribs, these smoked rib recipes are sure to please. Smoke pork spare ribs, baby back ribs and country ribs with hickory, oak or apple wood smoke for mouthwatering barbecued goodness.
Great Smoked Salmon Recipes For Sockeye, Coho, Atlantic, or Kings
Why not try these smoked salmon recipes? Cold smoking, hot smoking and brining are common salmon smoking and preparation methods. Luscious smoked sockeye salmon can't be beat.
How to Make Smoked Turkey. The Turkey Smoking Tutorial.
This is the BEST method for making smoked turkey. Complete turkey smoking instructions describe how to smoke a turkey with excellent results, from buying to brining to dry rubbing and into the smoker
Smoked Poultry Recipes - Smoke Chicken, Turkey and Game Hens
Great Poultry Recipes. Smoke a turkey. Grill a beer can chicken. Make lavishly elegant smoked cornish game hens! Enjoy a smoked fowl today!
Smoked Brisket Recipes Create Tender, Tasty Treats!
Try these smoked brisket recipes. The melt-in-your-mouth goodness of smoked brisket makes it all worthwhile.
Try These Wild Game Recipes For Your Smoker. Pheasant, Venison, and Goose!
The best smoked wild game recipes for your smoker enhance flavor and help retain moistness of the meat. Smoked goose recipes, smoked pheasant, smoked venison bacon roll and smoked wild turkey breasts.
Great Smoked Pork Recipes - Smoking Pork
You'll find smoked pork recipes for just about every part of the hog - except the squeal! Find recipes for smoked pork picnics, shoulders and chops. Pork Rules!
Mouthwatering Rib Recipes. Pork Spareribs, Babyback Ribs, and Beef Ribs
These lip-smackin' rib recipes make the most of your meat smoker. Eat smoked ribs for rib stickin' nutrition!
Excellent Smoked Meat Recipes For Meatloaf, Sausages and ???
This group of smoked meat recipes includes smoked meatloaf, and tender smoked beef chuck. Try smoky sausages sometime.
Great Tasting Smoked Side Dishes Are Perfect With Barbecue
Try these smoked side dishes along with your ribs next time. Smoked veggies go great with your barbecued ribs and brisket.
HELP!!! These Meat Smoking Tips Will Save The Day!
Use these meat smoking tips to take your barbecue to the next level. Be the pitmaster! Learn how to smoke meat, brine turkey, buy a brisket, and use your barbecue grill like a pro.
All About BBQ Marinades - Marinating Meats and Fish!
Learn about bbq marinades and how marinating improves meat and fish. Should you marinate AND season with dry rub? Why is marinade acidic? How long should you marinate salmon, chicken and pork?
The Best Barbeque Sauce Recipes Enhance Your Smoked Meat Recipes
Try these homemade barbeque sauce recipes. The best bbq sauce recipe for your slow smoked meat is your homemade sauce. Find a tasty Q sauce recipe here.
Mix Up Dry Rub Recipes For Beef, Pork and Chicken!
Sugar and spice dry rub recipes really add the flavor to your smoked beef brisket, pork ribs and chicken. Try tasty turkey rubs this Thanksgiving. Make it a point to rub your bird this holiday season.
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