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The BlueSmoke Gazette--Chicken And More Chicken!
February 25, 2009

A Chicken In Every Smoker...

It's almost the end of February, and the first day of Spring is closing in fast. Today, here in South Central Kansas, the temperature reached a balmy 72 degrees, with an unusually light breeze...perfect weather for a bicycle ride. I did a little 12 mile ride, then decided to put together this newsletter.

And just so you know, you should be seeing more activity here at A week ago last Thursday I was permanently laid off from my job because of the economy. So that means I'll have more time to write new pages, send out newletters, and do other things to grow my web business. Thank goodness I have the income my website brings in. Otherwise, right now I'd be up $#!+ creek without the proverbial paddle!

One thing that always tastes great whether it's smoked or grilled is chicken, especially if it's done up right. Even though chicken is usually great when you just season it with salt and pepper and grill it, it can be be better if you have a few tricks up your sleeve. Check out some of the following pages and add to your chicken cookin' bag of tricks.

Finger Lickin' Chicken Tips

How to Smoke a Whole Chicken
Part of the pleasure of smoking a whole chicken is that you don't have all those little pieces to fiddle with. I've found that whole chickens smoke nicely when you crank up the smoker temperature.

How to Smoke Skinless Chicken Breasts
Smoked boneless chicken breasts are great eating when they're nice and juicy. But it's a real shame when the chicken is overcooked, dry and chewy. A real shame.

How to Brine Chicken
One little secret that makes a huge difference in the eat-ability of chicken is brine. When chicken is brined, the texture is improved, it's moister, and it even cooks quicker!

Grilled Spatchcock Chicken
Even though the name of this recipe sounds a little strange, it's still just grilled chicken...with a slight twist.

Beer Can Chicken
You can't go wrong with beer can chicken, unless it goes up in flames the way it did when my brother-in-law made it one 4th of July...but that's another story.

Smoked Chicken Thighs
To me, the thighs are the best part of the chicken. The meat is moist, tender and full of flavor. And when smoked, they are something else!

Smoked Jamaican Jerk Chicken
If you like it spicy, try this recipe for smoky Jamaican jerk chicken.

More Chicken Recipes

Rosemary Chicken Breasts
Marinated in homemade white bbq sauce and rosemary, these are really tasty.

Beer Butt Chicken
A different beer can chicken recipe...

Want Some Extra Income?

As I mentioned up near the top of this newsletter, I was laid off on February 12th (at least they had the decency not to lay me off on the next day...Friday the 13th!) Since I haven't looked for a job in a while, I'm not sure how the local job market stands right now. I know that business was down quite a bit before the layoff, so that tells you something.

Point is, you never know when the axe might fall, so it's good to be prepared and have a secondary income, just in case. The nice thing about websites is that once they're built, they can get by with just a few hours of work a week...and they continue to create income. Like I said, I'd be hurting a lot worse right now if I didn't have my website.

So if you ever thought that building a website or earning money online was something you'd like to try, visit the link below and check it out. It definitely worked for me.

How I Built

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