Memphis Rib Rub

The flavor of hickory smoke and Memphis rib rub combine with the succulence of spareribs to create a true regional masterpiece. Memphis, Tennessee is well known as a Mecca for rib lovers. This special rib rub recipe will bring that Mecca to your backyard barbecue.

Great tasting ribs deserve a great presentation, so smoke a St.Louis trim spare rib slab seasoned up with your Memphis rub. You can buy your slab already trimmed, or you can trim the slab yourself.


One quarter cup dark brown sugar
Three tablespoons paprika
Two tablespoons ground black pepper
One tablespoon celery salt
One tablespoon onion powder
Two teaspoons garlic powder
Two teaspoons mustard powder
One teaspoon ground cumin
One teaspoon ground cayenne

Mix the above ingredients well, and remember that you can reduce or delete the ground cayenne pepper if you like.

For more flavor, I usually mix up one tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce with one teaspoon of molasses and rub it onto the slab before I sprinkle on the Memphis rub mix. In addition to adding flavor, the Worcestershire/molasses rubdown helps the dry rub stick to the ribs better.

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