These Smoker Recipes Will Expand Your Smoky Horizons

Big Briskets Being Smoked That'll Make Some Wedding Reception Guests Happy!JTP and Tom Smoking Briskets and Chicken

Are you craving some variety? Searching for superior flavor? The smoker recipes on this page will satisfy those desires and give you much, much more. You'll discover new ways to season up your favorite meats, and pick up some tips that you'll use time and time again.

This is a recipe source for foods of every category. You'll be enjoying succulent smoked briskets, mouthwatering ribs, smoky whole turkeys and healthy salmon. A juicy, tender whole smoked chicken fresh from the smoker can't be beat! And the smoker recipes for side dishes, veggies, snacks and appetizers will round out your menu.

A Word About The Recipes You'll Find Here And What to Expect

A Small Assortment of Spices and Herbs For my Smoker Recipes, In My Travel Trailer Spice RackThe Spice Rack of My Traveling SmokerMobile
A Grouping of Four Measuring Cups On a Plaid Background.

These smoker recipes make use of standard United States measurements. The avoirdupois system (16 ounces per pound) is used for weights, and U.S. customary units are used for volume measurements. Most of the ingredients here are measured by volume, but you will come across an occasional call for liquid measured in ounces.

Dry Ounces vs Fluid Ounces - What's the Difference?

A Pint's a Pound the World Around... But Not For Everything

A Set of Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons, Sized From One Tablespoon Down to One-Quarter Teaspoon

 A dry ounce is a measurement of weight, used for measuring dry ingredients. You measure dry ounces with a kitchen scale.

But a fluid ounce is a measurement of volume. Fluid ounces cannot be measured with scales. If you're not already aware of this, it can seem confusing.

Back in ye olde days, a fluid ounce was determined to be 1/128 of a gallon of water, which amounts to two tablespoons. And two tablespoons, one fluid ounce, of water does in fact weigh almost exactly one ounce.

But when measuring out one fluid ounce of something other than water, it won't necessarily weigh one ounce. One fluid ounce of olive oil (two tablespoons) weighs less than an ounce. One fluid ounce of honey weighs nearly 1.4 ounces.

Bottom line, when a recipe calls for ounces of a liquid ingredient  (and not fluid ounces, or fl.oz), it's meant to be measured as a fluid ounce. Not weighed.

Measure it by the tablespoon (1/2 fluid ounce per tablespoon) for small amounts, and use a measuring cup for larger amounts, preferably a wet measuring cup.
  • 2 tbsp = 1 fl.oz
  • 1/4 cup = 2 fl.oz
  • 1 cup = 4 fl.oz
  • 1 pint = 16 fl.oz
  • 1 quart = 32 fl.oz
  • 1 gallon = 128 fl.oz

Smoker Wood Dos, Don'ts and Why Nots

Chunks of Walnut Smoker Wood Atop The Charcoal In a Weber Smoky Mountain Cooker

Many of the pages here include direction on how the smoker is used with the particular recipe. If not, you'll find a link to another page that will give you some direction.

Most of these smoker recipes will mention the preferred type of wood to use, but if there's no mention of a wood, use your best judgement. Most types of wood smoke will work with anything as long as you don't apply too much.


50 Fantastic Smoker Recipes for Electric, Charcoal and Gas Meat Smokers

Smoker Recipes That Will Make You Drool With Anticipation

Recipe Categories - Including Meats, Poultry, Seafood and Seasonings

A whole chicken, finished cooking in the smoker, browned nicely and ready to eat

Smoky, Savory Chicken
Chicken is great when it's smoked right. It's juicy, it's tender, and full of awe-inspiring flavor. Cook it wrong and you'll think you're eating last week's funny paper. Add some variety to your chicken cookin' with these smoked chicken recipes. Whole chickens, beer-canned, grill-smoked, and yes, even spatchcocked!   read it

This Meat Smoker is Full of Big Beef Briskets!

Brisket For The Ages
With this slew of smoked brisket recipes you'll know your briskets will be treated with the utmost respect. You'll find some informative tips for preparation and smoking that'll smooth out the process. You'll be exposed to unique seasoning ideas and learn some moppin' sauce lore. Might even find a finishing sauce that'll add a final touch of flavor before it goes down the hatch.   read it

Kansas City Style Barbecue Sauce Recipe In a Glass Bowl

Saucin' it Up - Slather it Down
A dab of good homemade bbq sauce on a forkfull of great smoked meat is a marriage made in heaven. True, sometimes the meat doesn't need that added touch of zing, but other times it can make all the difference in the world. Give one of these barbecue sauce recipes a try. You might decide that store bought, mass produced bbq sauces will be a thing of your past.   read it

Three Slab of Pork Baby Back Ribs Going Into the Masterbuilt Smoker

Pork Ribs-ticking Good!
Pork ribs in the smoker. A beautiful, sunny day. A cold drink in hand. Of those three perfect things, if I can choose only one, I'll go with door number 1, Monty. If you're of the same mind, one of these smoked rib recipes will take you to your happy place. Whether you're hankerin' for spare ribs, baby backs or country styles, there's a pork rib recipe that will bring you joy.   read it

Smoked Salmon Fillets On a Blue Banded Plate

Smokin' Sockeyes (and others of their ilk)
Considering how tough we've made it for salmon to survive in the Lower 48, it's lucky we can still enjoy their rich flavor. Thanks, Alaska! Some people love the fat-rich Chinooks. Others would prefer a fillet of the milder Coho. Many believe the best, in every way, is the Sockeye. Whichever type floats your boat, there's a smoked salmon recipe here that'll do your fish justice.   read it

Mounds of Dry Rub Ingredients In a White Mixing Bowl

A Rub For All Season(ing)s
Quality spices and herbs make all the difference when putting together a rub mix, and when you're seasoning a pricey cut of meat, only the best is good enough. In the past I went for the discount spices I'd find in the WalMart bin, 2 for a dollar, ya know. But when I switched to using better stuff, I found that my dry rub recipes added loads more flavor to my smoked meats.   read it

Baked Beans Right Out of The Smoker! A Great Smoked Side Dish Recipe

Make a Deeeelish Side Dish
What do you pile on the plate with your smoked ribs? Or your brisket? Pulled pork? Smoked turkey legs? Whatever fits! With side dishes, the pleasure comes in variety, so you should have several smoked sides ready to go when it's eatin' time. Veggies are a nice, healthy counterpoint to a grease-drippin' hunk o' meat. And beans have the fiber that makes you regular - something I find critical as I age...   read it

Beautiful Smoked and Sliced Beef Cross Rib Roast

What? Beef is For Dinner!
Where's the beef? If you're doing thing right, it should be in your smoker, gettin' a dose of goodness from burning embers and mellow heat. There are two kinds of beef - the type that's best with a low, slow, make-it-submit kind of cooking, and the type that needs just enough heat and time to rid it of rawness. Try one of the smoked beef recipes for back ribs, and then you can answer that burning question!   read it

Smoked and Succulent Pork Loin Chops On a Serving Platter

Everything But The Oink
Pork has a lot going for it... unless you're the pig. And then, well, you know, it ain't such a good thing. But for us carnivores, pork offers a lot of affordable and great-tasting eating options. Smoke up a nice picnic shoulder, with chewy bark covering moist meat. Caress a pork loin with smoke until it's medium-rare and juicy. Try the smoked pork recipe for sirloin chops and you'll think you went to piggy heaven.    read it

A Whole Smoked Turkey Is a Beautiful Sight to Behold

Doin' The Turkey Trot
The firm, rounded breast is more than a mouthful, fer shur, but don't let that dissuade you from cooking up a smoked turkey. I'm a little perturbed of the fact turkeys are considered holiday fare. Thanksgiving (the big one), is followed by Christmas and Easter as the biggest turkey-eating days of the year. I think, no, I firmly believe, that turkeys should be eaten year 'round. Sign my petition!    read it

Aromatic and Spicy Brisket Dry Rub In a Bowl, and Ready For That Brisket!

Rubbed Out Briskets
When I smoke briskets, I thinks it's best to pack 'em with the rub and refrigerate them overnight - maybe for two days. And even though the rub flavor doesn't penetrate very far into the meat, I think it amplifies the flavor of my smoked briskets. For even more flavor, I separate the flat and the point before seasoning with one of my brisket dry rub recipes. More surface area = more seasoning potential.     read it

A Pair of Smoked Wild Turkey Breasts, Served on a Platter

Are You Game For This?
Wanna play a game? See if you can smoke a wild animal without it being tough and dry. It's a tough game to win. Game animals live like people should - running around in the woods, bare-ass nekked and eating natural food. We'd all be skinny and healthy as heck if we lived that way. These smoked game recipes release the tender, juicy potential that's lurking behind the bushes.   read it

Cornish Game Hens Cookin' On The Rotisserie

A Fowl Of Another Feather
Poultry of all kinds is smoker-friendly. They don't have tough connective tissue that needs to break down, they have a fatty skin that keep the meat moist, and most of all, they taste good with a little smoke thrown in the mix. If you're not in the mood for chicken or turkey, use one of the poultry recipes for the other flying foods. The smoked Cornish game hens are one of my favorites.   read it

Whisking The Marinade Ingredients In a Glass Bowl

You Say Marinäde, I Say Marināde
Adding flavor via an acidic, oily liquid does have its place. Marinades can offer some benefit when used with fish, poultry and the thinner cuts of pork. Some suggest that acid in bbq marinades will tenderize meat, but that's a myth. Too much time in acidic marinade will soften the meat surface in an unpleasant way, and it won't penetrate deep enough into the meat to cause any major tenderizing effect.   read it

Smoker Recipes You Should Try and Articles You Should Read

Country Style Pork Ribs Being Smoked In a Masterbuilt Smoker

Fun Lovin' Country Style Porkin'
Meaty and delicious, country style ribs are also quite the smoker-meat bargain! I go for the boneless ribs if I can find them, grabbing the leanest ones I can find. Country style pork ribs can be smoked a couple of ways. Cook 'em low and slow until the collagen breaks down and they're shredable. Or they can be smoked just long enough to reach medium-rare - slightly pink and perfectly moist.   read it

A Smoked Beef Cross Rib Roast, Topped With Crispy Slices of Bacon

Don't be Cross With My Rib Roast
This cut of beef yearns for tender lovin' care. Smoke a beef cross rib roast too long and you'll be biting on shoe leather, but cook it to medium rare it's a rare pleasure indeed! I run the smoker a little on the hot side for these, mainly for the benefit of the bacon-wrap. Gives it a little crispiness while bathing the beef in bacon grease. Bacon and beef is a pretty good combination of flavors!    read it

How Long Did It Take to Smoke This Pork Shoulder In My Weber Smoky Mountain?

Waiting For Mr. Pork Shoulder's Finale
Smoking pork shoulders can be a real pain in the butt if you don't have patience. It takes a long time for them to reach the apex of tenderness. So...  just calm down and go with the flow - it can be fun!  Good companionship helps a lessen the strain of waiting on the shoulder. I usually hang out with Bud,  and Jim, Jack or José. Bud's always chasin' those other three dudes.   read it

Memphis Style Rib Rub Being Forced Into Uniform Particle Size With Use of a Coarse Mesh Sieve

Marvelous Memphis Rib Enhancer
A little touch of heat and a little bit sweet let the meaty flavor of your smoked ribs shine through. Pork ribs are usually smoked dry when they're seasoned with Memphis rib rub, with the spices adding just the right amount of flavor. There's nothing illegal about dipping them in sauce at the table, but you won't miss it if you eat these ribs sans sauce.    read it

This Great Tasting Barbecue Sauce Has Just a Bit of the Captain In It. Captain Morgan, That Is.

Got a Little Captain In Ya?
Arrgh! Next time you're sippin' on a bit of the Captain's rum, Matey, be sure to forgo that last couple o' drams! It's worth suffering a parched throat when you know it's for makin' a batch o' Captain Morgan barbecue sauce. The rare spices in the rum add bountiful character to a sauce fit for any grub. It's high grade booty, Bucko.    read it

Smoking Makes Potatos More Palatable. Try Some Smoked Potatos Today!

Brine is Fine For That Chicken of Mine
Does your smoked chicken always seem to be a little on the dry side?  Maybe lacking flavor? Barring any other technical issues, it might be that all you need to do is brine that chicken before it's smoked. If you don't know how to brine chicken, don't worry. It's pretty easy once you get the hang of it. And it really makes a difference. So go ahead. Try it!     read it

Smoking Makes Potatos More Palatable. Try Some Smoked Potatos Today!

A Smokin' Hot Love Triangle
This three-sided marvel of the meat-cow has three times the people pleasin' flavor of all the other beef cuts combined! Well, maybe I'm going a little overboard, but I DO like a smoked tri tip roast. It's got the fat. It's got the flavor. It chews easy and doesn't take long to smoke. Crank up the smoker to high and the fat-cap gets a nice crispy crust. Deeeelicious!     read it

Hollow Sweet Bell Peppers, a Colorful Medley, Ready To Be Stuffed and Smoked

I Hear The Bell (peppers) a'Ringing
For a complete, balanced meal in a small package, these beef filled peppers are hard to beat. Of all the bell peppers, I prefer them deep red. They have great flavor and just a bit of sweetness. The smoked stuffed peppers filling is completely cooked before it's packed into place, and the peppers are smoked just enough to soften them, and to brown their meaty crowns.   read it

A Smoked Pork Loin Is Quick Cooking and Tastes Great

A Turkey is Done Smoking When It's Done Smoking
Turkey tastes great, but it's not necessarily so when cooked to the turkey done temperatures that the USDA-FSIS recommends. The breast  temperature recommended is perfectly fine, and when cooked to that point the white meat is juicy and tender. But the dark-meated thigh and leg temperature recommendation is somewhat less than perfect. Safe, yes. Appetizing, no.     read it

A Smoked Pork Loin Is Quick Cooking and Tastes Great

A Pork Loin is Not a Pork Tenderloin
The mere mention of pork loins gets my juices flowing. They're one of my favorite cuts because they're meaty, low in fat and have great flavor. They don't take long to cook, either - get the smoked pork loin's internal temperature up to 145˚F and both you and the USDA will be happy.     read it

A Plate Full of Mesquite Smoked Beef Back Ribs, Ready to Be Grubbed On

Mesquitered Beef Ribs
For all around great beefy flavor, a big platefull of smoked beef ribs is hard to beat. These meaty bomb pops don't need a lot of fancy flavor in the rub, so this batch was dusted with just salt, pepper and onion powder. As they smoked, I basted them a couple of time for good measure. To speed up the cooking they got the foil treatment at the halftime mark.    read it

Smoked London Broil, Slice and Plated

London Broil Fogged With Smoke
What, may you ask, is a London Broil? Well it sure ain't a cut of meat. It's cooking style that was popularized in the United States in the 1930's. A marinated beef roast is seared or broiled, then thinly sliced. Canada's idea of a London Broil is a more complex combination of tenderized, sliced steak wrapped around a ground meat concoction. This is my version - a smoked London Broil.    read it

Mustard Barbecue Sauce Makes For a Nice Change of Pace From The Typical Red Sauces

Turmeric Tang Sauce
I've had this recipe on my site for many years, and it's garnered a lot of positive response. One fellow emailed me and told me he liked the recipe so much that he was going to use it as the house mustard sauce in his BBQ restaurant. That's a high accolade, and I was thoroughly honored! Mixing this mustard barbecue sauce requires a little high RPM shaking.    read it

Seasoned With Poultry Rub, This Whole Smoked Chicken Tasted Great!

Whole Chicken à la Smoke
Herbs, spices and a touch of cayenne pepper offer up their flavors in this smoked chicken recipe. Brining the chicken beforehand is imperative. It's the secret weapon that guarantees that the meat is moist, tender and oh so tasty. Use the recipe as it is for cooking whole or half chickens. Cut the brining time in half if leg quarters or breasts are what you've got a mind to smoke.     read it

This Chuck Roast Is Going Into The Smoker

Chuck! Hey Chuck! Where's Chuck?
Why is it called "chuck" roast? You think it was once considered such a poor quality cut that butchers said "Chuck that tough piece of xxxx into the grinder"?  All I know is they're mouthwatering good when cooked right. Any cuts from the beef chuck primal need long, gentle cooking to tame the toughness - just how a smoker does it!  This smoked beef chuck recipe tames the beast to its tender best.    read it

Try This Salt-Free Chicken Dry Rub Recipe On Your Next Smoked Chicken

Chicken Rubbed The Right Way
Written in mind for the needs of folks on a low salt diet, it'll still work for you if salt's not a problem. It's loaded with tasty goodness that will make you forget salt even exists. And if you do want a little salt with this chicken dry rub, just sprinkle a bit on the chicken before you rub in the excitement.    read it

The Santa Maria Tri Tip Has a Rich Historical Background. Smoke One and Make Some of Your Own History.

The Specialty of Santa Maria
When I craving the iron and protein of a nice piece of beef, dripping with pink juice, I turn to the tri tip. Back in the old cowboy days, near sleepy little Santa Maria, California, Cookie would sear tri tips over a white oak fire. The horsemen loved it! This Santa Maria tri tip pays homage to those hungry hombres.    read it

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