Smoker Cooking Thermometers

Three Dial Type Cooking Thermometers On Dish Towel

Is it done yet? That's a tough one to answer if you don't use a good cooking thermometer when smoking meats.

Without a good smoker thermometer, you're flying blind. It's impossible to know exactly when your briskets and pork shoulders are ready to pull from the smoker to rest. It's a little disappointing when your smoked meat hasn't been cooked enough to shred easily.

And it can be dangerous to you and your loved ones if you serve under-done ground meats, turkey or chicken. Knowing for sure that your smoked meats have reached safe done temperature is good reason in itself to own at least one quality meat thermometer.

Why Own a Smoker Thermometer?

Char Broil Propane Smoker Blowing Smoke in the Quartzsite Arizona DesertSmoking Chicken Breasts In Quartzsite, Arizona

Good quality smoker thermometers will give you improved results, plus will make your cooking experience easier overall. Here are a few good reasons to own one:

  • You'll know the precise temperature of meats continuously while cooking

  • You can use them to monitor the smoker temperature. Mounted smoker thermometers are often inaccurate, so by placing a high quality remote thermometer near the meats, you'll know the exact cooking temperature at all times.

  • You're allowed the freedom to go about your business as the foods are smoking by using a digital remote thermometer. That type of thermometer sends a wireless signal to a receiver you carry that displays current temperatures. I often go inside and sit in my recliner while the smoker's going, watching the temperature all the while!

The newest technology in wireless smoker and grill thermometers is the iGrill Bluetooth Smart grilling thermometer. You can have the data from your smoking meat sent right to your smart phone!

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Digital Probe Thermometers

Remote Thermometers

Mounted Thermometers

When looking for a thermometer to use when smoking and grilling, or even for kitchen use, there are lots of choices and considerations.

Do you mind having to spend the bulk of your time hovering over your smoker and minding the temperature? If so, you need a digital remote thermometer with a wireless receiver. If you don't, you can use a simple digital thermometer connected directly to a probe, with the display unit sitting next to the cooker.

You could even use an analog dial thermometer. It'll do the job, but it's not ideal since you have to open up the smoker whenever you check the meat temperature, losing precious heat each time. Whenever a smoker is opened cooking time is increased by up to 30 minutes. And that's the reason I use remote thermometers!

A quality smoker thermometer is a must-have tool for smoking foods to their perfect done temperature. Learn the ins and outs of choosing a great thermometer

Types of Smoker  Thermometers

Digital Probe Thermometers

Pocket size digital instant read thermometers are great for taking a quick temperature reading of cooking foods.

Taylor Digital Pocket Thermometers

Remote Cooking Thermometers

Remote thermometers are great for monitoring the temperature of the meat or the smoke chamber. With these you're able to watch the temperature without opening the smoker or grill. For the ultimate in convenience, there are digital remote thermometers with pagers you can take in the house, some with up to a 100 foot range.

Remote Meat Thermometers
Maverick Smoker Thermometer
Taylor Remote Cooking Thermometers
Polder Remote Thermometers

Mounted Grill and Smoker Thermometers

Grill Thermometer Being Tested For Accuracy In Boiling Water

Usually mounted on the lid or cover of the grill or smoker, these indicate the approximate temperature of the interior cooking area. However since it isn't at the same level as the food, they tend to give an inaccurate reading. The following page explains how to mount a thermometer on your grill or smoker.

Grill Thermometers

I use three different types of thermometers. My smokers and grills each have a mounted thermometer for keeping track of the cooking temperature. I use both an instant read dial type thermometer and a remote digital thermometer for checking the meat temperature. My next will be an iGrill Smart Bluetooth thermometer. That one should be fun to use!

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