These Smoked Beef Recipes Have Loads of Flavor!

If you have plans to smoke back ribs, a roast or a brisket, one of these smoked beef recipes might come in handy. Some cuts are best cooked to rare or medium rare using a higher smoker temperature. Others require hours of low and slow cooking. Either way, beef is a good option for the smoker.

Mesquite Smoked Beef Ribs On Blue Plate, Ready To Eat!Plate Full Of Mesquite Smoked Beef Ribs

There are lots of beef cuts great for smoking. Some of my favorites include chuck roasts, rib eye steaks and tri-tip roasts, and that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the number of available cuts.

Some of the tougher cuts, like briskets, chuck roasts and ribs need to be cooked low and slow in order to bring out maximum flavor and tenderness. Cuts like rib roasts, tenderloins and steaks are best cooked at a higher temperature, and served at rare to medium.

Flavors used with these smoke beef recipes can be as simple as a dash of salt and pepper, or might include marinating for hours, then resting with a coat of dry rub seasoning for up to a day before going into the smoker.

Smoked Beef Recipes

Smoked Beef Roast Recipes

7-Bone Beef Chuck Roast Being Cooked In a Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smoker7-BONE CHUCK

This smoked 7-bone chuck roast is rubbed with fresh garlic before adding the dry spices, then cooked low and slow using oak wood chips.


A Traditional Santa Maria Tri Tip, Smoked With Oak, Slices On a White PlatterSANTA MARIA TRI TIP

A Santa Maria tri tip is cooked using the traditional Californian seasonings and wood smoke flavor. Cooked to medium-rare, it's tender and juicy.


Beef Cross Rib Roast Is a Great Beef Cut For The Smoker. This One Was Made Even Better Because Of The Bacon Slice Topping.CROSS RIB ROAST

After being seasoned with a dry rub, this smoked cross rib roast is topped with slices of bacon, which bastes the meat and adds additional flavor.


Separating The Meat From a Smoked Beef Rib Roast, Using A Sharp Knife And Two HandsRIB ROAST

Seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic, this recipe for a standing rib roast is then slow smoked using fruit wood, either apple or pear, until it reaches rare to medium-rare.


Smoked Beef London Broil, Slices On Cutting BoardLONDON BROIL

London broil is made using either top round roast or a flank steak. Marinated overnight, this beef recipe is then cooked in the smoker, or grill-smoked for a shorter time.


A Whole Beef Tri Tip Roast, Cooked To Perfection In a Masterbuilt Electric SmokerTRI TIP

The tri-tip, technically known as "Beef loin, bottom sirloin butt, tri-tip" is the tensor fasciae latae muscle from the sirloin section. Quite a mouthful for something so tasty!


Uncooked Beef Chuck Roast, In Pan With a Spicy, Flavorful Marinade. Almost Time For The Smoker!CHUCK ROAST

There are quite a few varieties of chuck roast, and all are good for cooking in the smoker. In this recipe the chuck is wrapped in foil after a few hours of smoking to shorten cook time.


Prime Rib, When Smoked Is Prime Eating! Shown Here Is a Raw Section Of a Christmas Dinner Prime RibPRIME RIB

A true prime rib is an expensive cut that's worth the price. This recipe is dry aged in the refrigerator before smoking to help concentrate flavor and increase tenderness.


BBQ Beef Sandwich Made Up Of Pulled, Smoked Chuck Roast On a White Bun With Red Onion Slices, Dill Pickle And a Sweet, Kansas City Style BBQ Sauce.BBQ BEEF

Smoke a chuck roast for hours and hours, shred it and add some sauce. Plop a generous amount on white bread buns for sandwiches that will definitely satisfy your hunger!


Beef Back Ribs

Mesquite Smoked Beef Ribs

Oak Smoked Beef Back Ribs On White Serving Platter

The picture above is of a few leftover ribs from two slabs of mesquite smoked ribs I cooked up today. I was fighting to keep the wind off of my Char-Broil gas smoker, but in the final analysis, the ribs turned out pretty darned good!

Smoker Recipe For Beef Back Ribs, Using An Aromatic Beef Dry Rub For Awesome FlavorBACK RIBS

These ribs need to be cooked for a l-o-n-g time, which breaks down the connective tissue, melts away the fat, and releases all the great flavor hidden inside.


Three Raw Beef Short Rib Sections On a Plate, Before Being Seasoned With a Beef Dry Rub and Going Onto The SmokerSHORT RIBS

Whether you're smoking chuck, plate or flanken style short ribs, they make a tasty main course. Use oak, pecan or mesquite for smoke flavor.


Raw Beef Back Ribs, Seasoned Well With Rub, Resting To Allow The Flavor To Be Absorbed Into The Meat Before Being SmokedSPICY RIBS

These ribs are seasoned with a rub using packaged taco spice as an ingredient. Instead of serving with bbq sauce, use a good quality salsa.


Smoked Ground Beef Recipes

Stuffed Sweet Bell Peppers Are The Full Meal Deal

Uncooked Green, Orange, Red and Yellow Bell Peppers, Stuffed With a Well Seasoned and Precooked Ground Beef Mixture

This recipe for stuffed peppers  that's cooked in the smoker is a great main course dish. The moist filling is mildly spicy from the addition of chili powder and black pepper and it has a nice texture. The peppers are cooked until just-tender, and the flavor is great!

Cheeseburgers Are Great With a Little Smoky Flavor

Hamburgers Being Grill-Smoked, Ready For Their Much Needed Slices Of Cheddar Cheese

There are many possibilities with ground beef as the main ingredients. One of the most basic is smoking up a batch of cheeseburgers. The smoke adds a great layer of flavor to this classic dish.

Meatloaf That Just Went Into The Smoker, Pressed Into a Disposable Aluminum Pan, In a CharBroil Propane SmokerSMOKED MEATLOAF

This meat loaf recipe combines fresh Italian sausage with the ground beef for a unique flavor. Green pepper, onion and garlic round out the flavor.


Coarse Ground Beef, Just Removed From a Weber Slotted Grilling Pan That Was Used To Smoke This Beef For My Smoked Chili RecipeSMOKY CHILI

Smoking the coarse ground beef is what gives this chili recipe a great flavor. Top with shredded cheddar or sour cream. Beans are optional.


Meatloaf On Plate With a Fork, Topped With Poblano Pepper Sauce and Pepper SlicesMEATLOAF POBLANO

Poblano peppers have great flavor but not a lot of heat, so this recipe is great for everybody. Cooked in a disposable pan for easy cleanup.


Smoked Brisket

Brisket That's Been Cooked In a Disposable Aluminum Pan

Brisket is always a special treat, especially when it's smoked. And although they take a long time, smoked brisket is well worth the wait.

Grill-Smoking Beef Is a Different Way to Do It

Grill Smoked Beef Top Round Roast, On a White Plate Sitting In The Bright, Bright Sunshine

Beef can achieve a smoky flavor when cooking in a grill, too. The picture above is a grill-smoked top round roast.

Making A Wood Chip Foil Pack For Grill-Smoking

Wrapping a Double Layer Of Aluminum Foil Around a Handful Of Water-Soaked Wood Chips For the SmokerWrap Water-Soaked Wood Chips In Foil
Puncturing a Smoke-Escape Hole In the Top Of a Smokerwood Foil PacketPuncture Hole In Top Of Wood Chip Foil Packet
Foil Packet Of Smokerwood On a Weber Charcoal Grill, Releasing Smoke Onto a Grilling Turkey Section.Lay Wood Chip Foil Packet Over Charcoal

If you don't have a smoker, you can use your gas grill as a smoker. Or if you're a Weber kettle user, try this grill smoking technique. Most anything you grill can have added smoke flavor by just adding a foil pack or two of smoker wood chips.

Try One of These Grill Smoked Beef Recipes

Ribeye Steaks Just Like Grampa Cooked Over Wood Coals, and Served With Butter.RIBEYE STEAKS

Ribeye steaks are great, and when you add a little smoke flavor they're even better. Top with a pat of herbed butter when serving. Or try this ribeye recipe.


Smoked Beef Tenderloin Roast, Cut Into Smaller Pieces, Served On Dish With Fresh Vegetables.BEEF TENDERLOIN

Tenderloin is mild flavored and extremely tender. Great for special occasions and holidays, it's best seasoned lightly and cooked to rare or medium-rare.


Teriyaki Steak Skewers On Grill. In Three Minutes They'll Be Done. In Four They'll Be Digesting In My Stomach!STEAK SKEWERS

And excellent quick cooking appetizer, these grilled steak skewers are marinated before they hit the grill, and are finished cooking in minutes.


Smoked Chuck Eye Roast Is An Economical Beef Option For The Smoker.CHUCK EYE

Chuck eye is a bit fattier and a little tougher than a rib roast, but it provides great flavor. Another plus is that it's usually quite a bit cheaper than the premium cuts of beef.


Smoked Beef Tenderloin Roast, Cut Into Smaller Pieces, Served On Dish With Fresh Vegetables.BEEF FILET

Filet mignon is an extremely tender cut of beef, sliced from a tenderloin. Because of its mild flavor, it's customary to wrap the sides of the small steak with a slice of bacon


Teriyaki Steak Skewers On Grill. In Three Minutes They'll Be Done. In Four They'll Be Digesting In My Stomach!RIB ROAST

A rib roast is a lower quality version of a beef prime rib. There's less fat marbling, which means a somewhat less flavorful, less juicy cut of meat. But cooked right, it still tastes great.


These smoked beef recipes will have you cooking great things like smoked beef ribs, meatloaf, prime rib, beef roasts and more! Think about giving the smoked Santa Maria Tri Tip recipe a try!