Smoked Pork Recipes

Smoking a Pork Picnic On a Weber Smoky Mountain Cooker

If ya got a hankerin' for some pork, these smoked pork recipes will surely satisfy your cravings. Pork is known as the "Other White Meat", but not for us smokers. Perfectly smoked pork should have a beautiful pink smoke ring encompassing the surface.

There are lots of pork cuts that can be smoked. Pork loins and tenderloins, shoulders and shanks, fresh hams and picnics, pork chops and steaks; all are great cooked in the meat smoker. You might even try smoking up a batch of neck bones sometime. I did, and they're pretty tasty. You have to work to eat 'em, but they do taste good!

And pork is inexpensive, too. I just bought a pair on really nice pork shoulder picnics for $1.19 per pound. (time of this writing: August 9, 2008) Granted, it takes $8.00 worth of charcoal to cook 'em, but it's worth it!

Smoked Pork Recipes

Smoked Pork Loin, Slice On Cutting Board

Now that I've got your attention, why not check out one or two of my smoker recipes for pork? Down a little further you'll find informative pages related to smoking pork that should be helpful in your quest for the perfect smoked pork!

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Pulled Pork In a Little Bowl, Seasoned With Red Pepper Flake Seasoned Vinegar Sauce

North Carolina Pulled Pork - Pulled pork is traditionally shredded pork shoulder meat, but smaller cuts can be used. Pork butts and picnics are both good candidates for pulled pork sandwiches. This recipe uses a traditional vinegar sauce for tangy flavor.

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Easy Smoked Ham Recipe - Next time you buy a precooked ham, try heating it up in the smoker. You'll be surprised how much better a ham tastes when it's seasoned a little and given an extra shot of smoke flavor!

Double Smoked Spiral Cut Ham On White Platter
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A Brined and Seasoned Pork Loin, Just Place In The Smoker

Apple Smoked Pork Loin - This is one cut of pork you don't smoke to falling-apart tenderness. When the internal temperature reaches 155F, it's ready to serve.

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Beautifully Smoked Pork Loin Chops, Nicely Browned With Hickory Smoke

Smoked Pork Chops - Marinated in a fruity brine, these chops take on great flavor. A light smokiness is all these pork chops need.

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A Pork Picnic Shoulder In a Weber Smoky Mountain Cooker, Finished Smoking and Ready To ServePork Picnic Shoulder

The Pork Picnic Shoulder - Learn all about pork picnics and the best ways to cook 'em. Since they contain quite a bit of connective tissue, they require long smoking times. But ooh, the taste!

How to Prepare a Picnic Shoulder - Getting a picnic shoulder ready for the smoker is as easy as rinsing, trimming and seasoning. You can do it!

Smoking Pork Picnics - Learn the ins and outs of smoking pork picnics. Temperatures, smoking time, basting, resting and serving are all covered.

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