Enlightening Meat Smoking Tips, Techniques and Information

Here you'll find meat smoking tips, step-by-step tutorials, and general information about the world of smoker cooking. Explore the following articles and you just might find that nugget of wisdom that will take your meat smoking to the next level.

With These Meat Smoking Tips You'll Learn to Smoke Pork Shoulders, Among Other Types of MeatA Traeger Cooked Pork Shoulder

Meat Smoking Tips for Temperature and Smoking Time, Which Have a Close-Knit Relationship

Masterbuilt Smoker Digital Time DisplayMasterbuilt Timer Display

When you're cooking meat in your smoker, smoker temperature and smoking time are inversely proportional, meaning when one increases, the other decreases. Cook at a higher temperature and smoking time is shorter. At a lower smoker temperature, the time might seem to drag on forever!

The following articles give some insight into the time-temperature relationship, and helpful tips on finding the optimal cooking temperatures for a variety of meats.

Smoking Times For Meats

More Smoking Time Information

Boston Butt Smoking Time
How Long to Smoke Sausage

Attaining a Safe Smoked-Meat Internal Temperature

More Info Regarding Temperatures of Meats

The Perfect Turkey Done Temperature
USDA Revised Pork Done Temperature

Brining Information For Meats, Poultry and Fish

Sure, it takes a little longer to brine meats before putting them in the smoker, but if you plan ahead it's not that big of a deal. And the final results make brining well worth the time and effort.

More About Brining Meats For The Smoker

Chicken Brining Tips
Making Chicken Brine
How to Make Turkey Brine
How Long to Brine Salmon

Information About The Fuels Used In Smokers

There are several heat sources that can be used for smoking foods. Wood is the original fuel source, and to purists it represents the best source of heat and flavor. But charcoal, propane gas, grilling pellets and electricity all have their place, and each has their merits.

Efficient Meat Smoker Operation

All types of smokers come with basic instructions, but each also have their own quirks and eccentricities. Learning how to use a smoker takes more than just reading the user manual.

More Meat Smoker Tips

Overview of Meat Smoker Types
How to Use a Vertical Smoker
Gas Grill Smoking Tips
Controlling a Pitsmoker Fire
The Electric Smoker

The Care and Maintenance of Meat Smokers

For all the joy you get from your meat smokers, they deserve to get a little lovin' back. Take some time every week or two to do an inspection of your beloved meat-transformation-unit. Cleaning, repairs and modifications go a long way in improving the quality of your smoked foods.

Meat Smoker Problems and Projects

Maybe your smoker isn't putting out smoke the way you expect it to, or you haven't figured out an easy way to put the wood chips into your electric smoker. You'll find solutions to these problems and more in this section.

More On Meat Smoker Problems, Projects and Information

Masterbuilt Smokers
Royal Oak Electric Smoker
My Masterbuilt Smoker's Not Smoking

Sauce and Marinade Information

Marinades and sauces enhance the flavor of your smoked meats. A good marinade will add flavor to the exterior, but doesn't absorb deeply into the meat fibers as some would have you believe.

Barbecue sauces can be brushed on during cooking to add flavor, or used in the typical fashion to flavor meats at the table.

Seasonings For Smoked Foods

Add flavor to foods with the best quality spices, herbs, sweeteners and salts. Consider the balance of the sweet, tart, salty and bitter components of your dry rubs. There's much more to seasoning foods than just salt and pepper.

User Manuals For Your Smoker and Grill

Instructional manuals that are packaged with most items end up missing, gone to the same place missing socks end up when they disappear from the clothes dryer. Hopefully, these digital meat smoker and grill user manuals will be more difficult to misplace.

Info About Smoker Wood Chips and Chunks

It's what smoking's all about - wood! Some say that there's little to no difference between species of trees used to produce smoke, and that the main difference is determined by the tree's growing environment. I think that the French would call that the terroir of the smoking wood.

More About Wood Chips and Chunks

Smoker Woodchips Tips and Info
Suitable Woods For Smoking Foods

Smoke Cooking Accessories and Tools

Containers for brining meats and poultry, and the perfect device for lighting up your charcoal are described in the following articles. Look for more dandy tools and toys to follow in this new section.

Meat Smoking Tips on Smoking and Grilling Beef

There's not much that beats a well smoked hunk of beef, whether it's cooked in the smoker or grilled with a few wood chips added to the mix. Don't get too preoccupied with briskets, as there's a world of other beef cuts that do well in the smoker - tri tip roasts, chuck roasts and rib roasts are all tasty treats when smoked.

More About Cooking Cuts of Beef

How to Season a Brisket For Maximum Flavor
Smoking Chuck Roasts That Are Fall-Apart Tender
Smoking a Prime Rib
Trimming a Brisket For The Smoker
About the Whole Beef Brisket
Wrapping Briskets In Foil - aka The Texas Crutch

Tips and Techniques - Smoking The Perfect Chicken

There are lots of ways to go about smoking chicken, whether it be individual parts or the entire bird. From high temperature smoke-roasting to gentle low-and-slow cooking, learn the methods that will transform your recipes into great tasting smoked chicken.

Additional Chicken Smoking Information

Home Raised Chicken Tough As a Buzzard
Smoking Chicken Wings
Tough Smoked Chicken Skin
Preparing Whole Chicken Breasts For the Smoker

How to Succeed at Smoking Pork Products

Because pork loins and tenderloins are lean, they are best when cooked in a hot smoker, as they tend to dry out less when cooked quickly. Other cuts, including Boston butts and shoulders can also be smoked at higher temperatures, but also do well in smokers in the 225°F range.

More Tips On Cooking Pork In the Smoker

How to Smoke Pork
Pork Shoulder Picnic
Smoking Pork Shoulder
Smoking Pork Picnics

Smoke + Ribs = Good Eating!

That's a time-proven equation if I ever saw one. From buying the best ribs at the meat counter to knowing when they're ready to take out of the smoker, the following articles will answer your questions.

Beef back ribs and short ribs, pork country styles and baby backs... tips for preparing and smoking them are here for your perusal.

More Lip Smackin' Rib Smokin' Tips and Info

Beef Ribs
About Pork Spare Ribs
Smoked Ribs Vacuum Sealed
Smoking Ribs When To Apply BBQ Sauce

Salmon Smoking Tips and Information

Salmon is one of the delicious fishes, and for health reasons, should be consumed at least one time per week according to those in the know.

Most smoked salmon recipes take very little time from start to finish, so it's great for weeknight meals. The following tips will guide you in your quest of smoking some great tasting members of the Salmonidae family.

Additional Info About Salmon

Silverbrite Salmon
How Long to Brine Salmon

Overcooking - The Bane of Sausages

Sausages are one of my favorites from the smoker. Bring them up to the perfect internal temperature and they're juice-packed flavor bombs. However, leave them in the smoker too long and they become dry and tough.

The Many Facets of Smoking Turkeys

Thanksgiving is a holiday for turkeys. Sure, you might be the type that roasts your bird in the oven. And you might be the adrenaline junkie that risks life and limb deep frying that plump fowl. But for a really great Thanksgiving meal, smoked turkey is where it's at, Man!

Additional Turkey Smoking Information

Charcoal Grilled Turkey
Cooking a Turkey In a Gas Grill
Grilling Turkey In a Weber Kettle
Smoked Turkey Page Links
More Turkey Smoking Tips
Reheating Previously Smoked Turkey
How to Smoke a Turkey
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Smoking Turkeys With a Water Pan
Turkey Smoking Tips

General Information

Food Safety Information
Keep a Smoking Record With This Recipe Log
Smoker Cooking Secrets to Know and Share!

For more meat smoking tips and techniques, come back often and check for new additions. If you have a question about something and would like it included here, contact me.

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