Taylor Digital Pocket Thermometers

Taylor digital pocket thermometers are a fairly recent addition to their line of instruments. Taylor has been building thermometers and other precision measuring devices for over 150 years. George Taylor, whose motto was "Accuracy First", founded the company in 1851. The company's headquarters are in Oakbrook, Illinois in the United States, with manufacturing locations in Mexico.

The Taylor 9842 Digital Pocket Thermometer

The Taylor 9842 Professional Waterproof Digital Thermometer is a high quality commercial grade device that would be a great addition to any cook's arsenal of tools.

The small instant read thermometer has a temperature range of -40 to 450° F, -40 to 230° F , and is six inches long with a stainless steel stem. A nice feature of this thermometer is that unlike dial type instant read thermometers, this one is flat on the bottom so it will not roll away from you when set down on a flat surface.

This thermometer also includes an antibacterial carrying/storage sleeve that protects the stem. A clip on the sleeve secures it in your shirt pocket. The readout can be easily changed to display degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit, and can be re-calibrated easily to ensure precise readings.

The Taylor 9840

The Taylor 9840 Digital Thermometer is the least expensive of the Taylor digital pocket thermometers. A temperature range of -58 to 302° F is perfect for checking food for doneness. This thermometer cannot be changed to read in degrees Celsius, which makes this thermometer just about useless for many people. There is an on-off switch that helps extend battery life.

The display size is 1/3 of a inch, so it's easy to see and read…nice when you're in a "hurry up and get done" mode in the kitchen or when your cooking outdoors. A pocket case is included with this nice little thermometer.

The Taylor 9841

A thermometer that's a step up in functionality (and price) is the Taylor 9841. It has the capability of reading a higher temperature range (-58 to 500° F, -50 to 260° C), and is accurate to within 1/10th of a degree up to 199.9 degrees F.

Like the Taylor model 9840, this thermometer has an on-off switch to extend the life of the battery. It also has a switch that allows the 1/3 inch display to read in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Any one of these Taylor thermometers would be a welcome addition to any cook's equipment collection.

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