The Bradley Propane Smoker

If it's portable food smoking you want, the Bradley Propane Smoker is just the ticket. Lightweight and easily transported, this meat smoker features a collapsible smoke chamber-rack combo...and a new battery powered, propane heated version of the dependable Bradley smoke generator.

The Propane Smoke Generator

The neatest thing about this smoke generator is that you don't have to plug it in to an AC wall outlet. Battery power is used to move the Bradley bisquettes through the generator. Four AA batteries provide the electricity needed for the unit to operate. If you're tailgating, you can use the 10 foot car adapter cable, tapping power from your vehicle battery.

The propane smoke generator uses standard propane bottles to fuel the fire. The temperature of the smoker chamber can held at ambient temperature for cold smoking salmon, cheese or nuts. Or for hot smoking, the temperature can be adjusted to up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit for hot smoking everything from ribs to brisket to chicken. This is one versatile smoker!

The smoke generator automatically feeds Bradley Flavor Bisquettes, which are burned, creating the smoke. The Bisquettes are available in a wide variety of wood types and flavors, giving you a lot of latitude with your favorite smoking recipes.

The Smoke Chamber

The collapsible smoke chamber consists of a metal frame with four racks, a drip tray, drip bowl and a sturdy base. The racks can be adjusted to the desired height to accommodate different foods. The drip tray is placed under the racks to catch liquids, which are then diverted to the drip bowl.

The smoker chamber has a capacity of well over 2000 cubic inches, which gives you a lot of room to smoke. The four racks can include a variety of foods, so you can smoke the entire meal all at one time.

The soft smoke chamber cover can be easily folded up for storage and transport. It slips over the the assembled smoke chamber frame easily, holding in the heat and smoke. There is an access port on one side that the Bradley smoke generator is inserted through.


Here are a few of the vital statistics for the Bradley Propane Smoker.

  • Shipping Weight - 23 pounds
  • Smoke Chamber Volume - 2288 cu in
  • Heat Source - Propane
  • Power supply - Four AA Batteries or by Car adapter
  • Smoker Temp Range - Ambient to 250 Fahrenheit

Everything but the batteries, bisquettes and propane are included with this Bradley smoker, so if you do order on, make sure to get an assortment of the flavor bisquettes at the same time.