Brisket Dry Rub Recipe For Great Tasting Smoked Briskets

This simple brisket dry rub recipe is a good basic mix. Lots of onion and garlic along with the brown sugar impart a savory and slightly sweet flavor to the smoked brisket. Briskets smoked with this dry rub make great sandwiches! Mix the ingredients well and store this brisket rub in an airtight container. Let it flavor the brisket overnight before putting it on the smoker.

Homemade Savory Brisket Dry Rub In White Bowl

Briskets seasoned up with this rub taste really good smoked with hickory. The onion and garlic just seem to go with the flavor of the hickory smoke. If you like, you can baste it with some brisket mopping sauce for added flavor and moistness.

Savory Brisket Dry Rub Recipe

Combine 1/2 cup onion powder with 1/4 cup of each of the following: kosher salt, garlic powder, Hungarian paprika, brown sugar, and cracked black pepper. Mix the seasonings well before sprinkling onto both sides of the brisket.

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