Cooking a Pork Loin in an
Electric Smoker

A Whole Pork Loin And Its Trimmings In An Electric Masterbuilt Smoker

 by Tina
(Buffalo, NY)

I am brand new to smoking and am wondering if you put the pork loin right on the rack in my electric smoker? I have an electric 3 rack smoker and my next question would be does it matter which rack you put it on?

by: beginner smoker in Iowa

I usually put all my food right on the rack. I know a lot of people use foil which I never have. I'm also a newbie at smoking ... but so far everything I've done from chicken, turkey, fish, pork, and beef has turned out great!

Electric Smokers and Pork Loins

It depends
by: Anonymous

Usually yes. Some manufacturers recommend not using foil. A lot of old time barbecuers wouldn't think of cooking a pork roast without wrapping it in foil for part of the cooking. I've seen a few people use a disposable aluminum pan, but it's not common. Don't put anything nice in there, the smoke will stain it for life. Additionally, you don't want to protect it too much, or you'll miss out on the flavor of the smoke.

As for which rack, every rig will have hot spots and cooler spots. As a rule the cooker will be hotter near the element. Start with the middle rack, and try to find a space that stays near your target roasting temperature. You're best off to rotate it from time to time, but not too often.

Opening your cooker will drop the temperature and extend the cooking time. A good oven thermometer on the rack by the pork loin in your electric smoker is a good friend. Invest in one or two. Don't depend on the one in the door or lid.

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