How To Smoke Bratwurst That's Smoky and Juicy

by Jim

I want to know how to smoke bratwurst.  I just got a smoker for Christmas and I'm a real rookie. I've tried a few things with varying results. I was wondering how to smoke bratwurst without it drying out, and how long to smoke it. Can't find a whole lot about making smoked brats.

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Four Smoked Brats, Two Chicken and Two Beef

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Venison Bratwurst
by: Anonymous

I want to make some venison sausage this year and they will likely be larger rings than the Brats. Is the Bradley smoker good for something like this?  I'm concerned about the quantity, time and quality involved. Probably looking at 20lb batches and wondering about grill marks on the smoked sausage.

Is this a good option - the Bradley - or are there some other recommendations out there under the $500 range.

Thanks for your time.

cherry smoked brats
by: Lee A.

I have a Bradley, and have been smoking Brats for two years. Cherry for two hours at 200. The color will tell you when they are done (medium to dark cherry color). Between medium to dark is "toast" so start out lighter and start checking ( pull one out and cut off a piece and taste.

Smoking Brats
by: Anonymous

Every time I fire up the smoker for what ever the meat, I always throw on some uncooked brats (usually Johnsonville) trying to maintain 200 to 250 degrees. I usually use original brats but sometimes beer n brats.

Ditto, the cook/smoke time of about 2 to 3 hours and yes, don't overcook. We like to wrap them in tortillas topped with whatever turns you on...I like wasabi mustard.

For breakfast today, I diced a smoked brat, mixed it in with some potatoes fried with onion, fresh jalapenos, fresh garlic, salt and pepper....topped with cheese and salsa....Muy delicioso!!!

Homemade Venison and Pork Sausage Being Cooked Gently In a SmokerHomemade Venison and Pork Sausage

Smoking Bratwurst
by: Bill

Bratwurst out of the smoker is really good, as long as it's not overcooked. It's also important to keep the casing intact, because holes or tears in it will let the juices out, which means loss of flavor and texture.

Bratwurst (brats) can be purchased either raw or precooked. Either way, they will be at their best when cooked slowly to 155 degrees. In a 225 degree smoker it will take around 2 hours to reach this point.

By running the smoker at a lower temperature, say 200 degrees, they can be smoked longer to achieve a smokier flavor.

When checking the temperature of the smoking brats, use the same one each time so the others don't leak out their juicy flavor. If the smoke flavor is too intense, you can give them a quick rinse in cold water before serving.

Smoking Brats In a Pool of Beer