Magnolia Wood For Smoking

by Don
(San Diego, CA)

I usually use pecan wood for smoking beef sausage. However, I have a source of magnolia wood. All I know is that magnolia is a hard wood. Can it be used in a smoker?

Re Magnolia
by: Donald

I was told a while back that the spent seed pods of magnolia was the bomb for smoking pork and chicken as well as fish. It is fantastic. gives a nice little spice note.

Comments for Using Magnolia Wood for Smoking

using magnolia...
by: Swampa

a great wood for smoking. i have to disagree w/one of the posters. not all woods you smoke with are "edible plants". we smoke with magnolia, it's a great wood w/good flavor. i dig breaking 'rules and thumbs' esp when it comes to

a great combo is 50/50 apple/mag. it produces a real great flavor ! not like i really want folks to start smoking with this wood but it's safe and it's good !

Good Wood
by: RtWL

I've been using Magnolia for a couple years. Lost a big limb on a 8o year old tree and decided to give it a try.

It is a lighter, somewhat floral smoke. I use it for pork and poultry. It works very well for ribs and rib ends. I use chunks with and without bark added to charcoal in a Weber kettle.

Try it. Be the first on your block to use it....

Would you eat it?
by: Anonymous

As a rule of thumb, smoking woods usually come from plants with edible parts, generally fruits and nuts.

As far as I can tell, nobody eats magnolia, however my research says it's not poisonous.

If you're feeling adventurous, try burning a bit and smell the smoke. If the smoke smells tasty, you might give it a try.

Can You Smoke With Magnolia?
by: Bill

I honestly don't know. I don't have any experience using it, nor does anyone I know. I even checked on the internet and couldn't find any information about smoking with magnolia. So, unless you find out otherwise, consider it unsafe and don't use it.

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