Smoked Mustard Crust Spareribs Have Flavor to Spare

Inspired by smoked pork shoulders that start with a mustard massage, this mustard crust spareribs recipe is quite tasty. The rib rub seasonings cling tightly against the meat, held in place by spicy whole grain brown mustard.

If your smoker has room for a whole sparerib slab, the only preparation you'll need to perform is removing the membrane. If a whole slab won't fit on your smoker, go ahead and follow the instructions to achieve perfectly trimmed ribs.

Mustard Crust Pork Ribs, Cut Up And Ready To Serve

When it comes to the mustard you have choices. Prepared yellow mustard is inexpensive and works quite well. It's sticky and really hangs on to the dry rub seasoning. Dijon mustard has a finer texture and a smoother flavor.

But my favorite is a spicy brown mustard - one that you can clearly see those brown mustard seeds floating around in. Thick, rich and bold, this type of mustard adds a bit of flavor to a smoked slab of ribs.

Mustard Crust Spareribs Recipe

The ingredients for this recipe include...

  • One slab of pork spareribs

  • One bottle of spicy brown mustard

  • One tablespoon of honey

  • One tablespoon paprika

  • Two teaspoons onion powder

  • One teaspoon garlic powder

  • One teaspoon black pepper

Combine the mustard, honey and spices, mixing well. Rub the mustard plaster onto all sides of the spare rib slab. Smoke at 225 degrees Fahrenheit, with hickory for smoke.

A slab of spareribs seasoned with a mustard paste and spices, resting on the top grate of a Weber smoker. pin this image

Continue to smoke until the ribs are tender and a crust is formed. Serve the mustard crust spareribs with a sweet and tangy mustard barbeque sauce. Another option is to make an easy dipping sauce by combining...

  • One cup spicy brown mustard

  • One-quarter cup honey

  • One teaspoon black pepper

Stir together for a sweet and spicy honey mustard sauce. A perfect match to the perfect slab of ribs.