Is a Natural Gas Smoker For You?

Natural Gas Smoker In an Outdoor Kitchen

If an outdoor kitchen is in your future, you should consider a natural gas smoker. These are typically covered grills with a built in box or drawer to which wood chips for smoking are added. Natural gas as a fuel option is becoming more commonplace as consumers learn of the benefits of outdoor cooking on natural gas.

Benefits of Natural Gas

Natural gas is less expensive than liquid propane gas...that fact alone is enough to drive consumer interest. Natural gas also burns cleaner than propane does, so there's less chance of affecting the taste of your smoking meats.

Energy Content

Natural gas contains about half the energy of propane. One cubic foot of propane gas has the same energy content as two cubic feet of natural gas. And still, it costs more to use propane. The difference in energy content is also the reason that a propane smoker or grill can't be hooked up directly to a natural gas line.

Converting A Propane Smoker or Grill

Some manufacturers provide modification kits for LPG to NG. (Liquid propane gas to natural gas) If you'd like to convert yours, contact the manufacturer to see if a conversion is available.

NG Smoker and Grill Manufacturers

Manufacturers of natural gas grills and smokers include Weber, Ducane, Fire Magic, Viking, and KitchenAid. These are but a few of the many brands available.

The dual purpose natural gas smoker - grill combos are the ideal addition to an outdoor cooking center. Attached to a gas line from your home natural gas supply, these cookers have an endless supply of fuel. No worry about running out of fuel at just the wrong time, as seems to happen with propane grills.

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