The Royal Oak Electric Smoker Has Several Problems

by Scott
(West Florida)

I have a Royal Oak electric smoker that won't smoke. I set it up per the instructions, turned it on high and 3 hours later I still have no smoke. The temp reads around 400 degrees.

I don't understand the problem here. I have two whole birds sitting in the fridge waiting to be smoked. At this rate its gonna end up being Dominoes for dinner. Please help


First I had to use a small pan for wood chips. Now the element burned out and I can't find a replacement. I should hav know $60 was too cheap a price to expect getting a reliable smoker. This smoker sucks, and I won't buy another Royal Oak Smoker.

by: Anonymous

Jill, just wrap your wood chips in foil put right on the heating element and you will have plenty of smoke  at 150 degrees.

by: Jill

My husband's great aunt gave him a Royal Oak Electric Smoker Model 1608A. She used it one time and didn't like it. We brought it home and found out we don't have the owner's manual in it. I have tried several sites trying to find manual and can't find one. Does anyone know of a site where I might be able to find one? We are really anxious to try it. Thanks for any help.

by: Anonymous

I use sawdust on an aluminum foil homemade pan. I get great smoke starting at 150 degrees.

by: Anonymous

I've cooked on the little beast several times now and have noticed it is prone to grease fires. The dripping grease does not entirely hit the water pan and collects in the bottom and bursts into flames after a bit. Guess it needs a drain hole in the bottom.

by: fallsie

I thought 100 bucks on kijiji sounded like a pretty good deal for a smoker, so I bought it, still in the box. Don't follow the factory directions, this thing wont smoke unless you put the tray directly on the element.

This thing is so cheap the door won't even close into the latch. I eventually just shoved it in far enough to use the swing latch.

There's not a square corner on this meat smoker, and even on high, it won't reach past 235 degrees.

I had an uninsulated Little Chief that was about 10 times better than this thing. The only thing good about Royal Oak is it has a thermostat to let you know how badly its performing.

Do yourself a favor, buy something else. This Royal Oak Smoker is trash.

Royal Oak Electric Smoker Problems Are Widespread

I love mine
by: bigwheel

I bought one of these little smokers about two years ago for fifty bucks at Wally World. Put it together and seasoned it but did not cook anything on it till about a week ago.

The remedy I worked for the chips being too far from the heat source was out was to slide a fire brick under the heating element to brace it up and then set the chip box on the element like several others have said. I also set a disposable half pan full of water on the bottom meat rack.

All the gunk goes in the water. I just love the little gizmo so far..least since it has been taught to cook right. Holds heat real well least on a hot day summer day. Ain't tried it in winter or rain yet.

Royal Oak No Customer Support
by: randyt58

I previously said how I liked my ROS but now I am calling it a POS.
Burner went out and I have called RO numerous times. They say the burner is not a replaceable part. BS.

And the retail store tried to contact them and got the same run around. They are going to give me another smoker but I guarantee that I will never buy another Royal Oak product of any kind.

by: Clyde

Royal Oak company must not be a real company. I won one at a fund raiser. I tried to talk to some one at RO and their 800 number is they answer as Royal Oak smokers, but they can only order parts for it. But you will never get them. I am sure glad I won it, but it is junk. Don't buy one because you will not get service. It is a crying shame.

Simple solution (tell all your friends)
by: Anonymous

I had the same problem with my royal oak smoker. However, I solved the problem. You don't have to use bolts, invert racks, or use any high tech solutions.

Just wrap a handful of wood chips in aluminum foil, poke small holes all around the foil, then lay it directly on the heating element. Instant smoke! You don't even have to soak them, and you can keep adding more packs of chips to your liking.

And best of all, you can just throw them away when you're done! Now you can use the smoker tray as an extra water pan. This is my first smoker and I'm glad I bought it.

The only problem I've had lately, is trying to keep the temperature up on very cold days. I'll probably go to goodwill and buy an old comforter or sleeping bag and try wrapping the smoker and see if that helps.

Royal Oak... Works just fine!
by: randyt58

I got my Royal Oak at Wally World for $100, marked down from $124. Should have negotiated better price since it was open box display, and had some scratches. To me, no big deal. If it bothers me that much, I can get some sand paper and high temp paint.

Had the same no smoke problem when trying at lower temps (200-225). I just took the chip box and put it on the element. I usually put in a handful of chips and a couple of the biggest chunks I have that fit in the box. I get enough smoke for long enough, maybe 3 hours or so.

If I need more, I use tongs to remove the box and put more in. Chips seem to burn perfectly, black and completely burned. Chips should not turn to ash as I see some people say. This would indicate that the chips are getting too hot.

Mine leaks a little. It should! To me that indicates that I have good air flow.

For the pan, I bought some 13x9x2 disposable aluminum pans, rigged another bar across the chip/water rack and set it directly on the rack. This assures that I don't run out of water and it catches most of the drippings.

Thermometer on front is actually fairly accurate on mine, though I do use an external thermometer with a probe.

Overall, I am satisfied with this unit. I am glad I did not spend $200 on a competitors product with the fancy digital panel. Just more stuff to have problems with.

Yea at some point I may get one, but this one doing just fine. Did a 10 pound ham last night, came out wonderful. Did some stuffed jalapenos a few days ago that came out awesome. Have done chickens, ribs and more. Probably have used 6 or 7 times and have had it for 3 weeks!


great price to quality, customer service sucks
by: Anonymous

I have read a number of the comments on this site, and have come to a conclusion "you only get what you pay for". But still I firmly believe that a manufacturer should stand by their product.

I purchased a RO electric smoker at a good price,got it home with visions of tender juicy smoked meat in my mind, put the unit together and the last part to go in was the temp. indicator.I pulled it out of the bag only to find the probe/stem was broken off.

Ok I thought it's just one small part, I'll call the customer service number on the front of the manual. The person on the other end said ok we'll send one out, it should take 10-14 days to reach you. I waited 3 weeks with no results, called back explained the problem, got the same result, another 3 weeks goes by, no part!

Called again asked for someone higher up the chain a guy named Mike, he assured me no problem, 10-14 days. That was on Oct. 25, It's now Dec.still no part.If patronizing customers to avoid responsibility for a product is the way for an AMERICAN COMPANY to respond, in this economy, then good luck trying to survive!!

by: Smokin Joe

What type of wood are you using? I assume you are using wood. If not, that's the problem. Depending on what type of meat your smoking, the wood flavor make a big difference. You should soak your wood chips for a couple of hours before using. Place the wet wood chips on the housing above the heating element. This should create smoke.

Check the element connectors
by: Anonymous

My smoker kept tripping the breaker. A check of the element and rheostat showed all to be OK. I pulled the spade connectors apart and found corrosion on the spades..(on the element). Cleaned these up, put the connectors back on, and clamped them down.

I replaced their wire connectors with my own, and all worked well...I have not had any problems with getting smoke in my meat....I use chunks of hickory and others. I let it heat up to high heat, then turn it down to my smoking temp. Plenty of smoke taste in the meat.

perfect fix
by: Rich

After the second heating element went out in my Royal Oak smoker I found the perfect fix. If you have a little mechanical ability you to can cheaply fix your smoker.

1.Remove the old element look closely and your element should have the wattage stamped in the tube near the point that it enters the connection cover.

2.Mine was 1350 watts

3.It was difficult to find a 110 volt element with this wattage so I located a 220 volt 8” diameter stove top element that is listed to be 2600 watts (@ 220volts) or 1300 @ 110

4.Drill a small hole in each of the flat connection prongs

5.Solider a wire that is equal in weight to the old element and connect each wire the same as the original element was wired , one to the power supply and one from the thermostat or temperature control

6.Attach the ground wire to the screw on the connection cover

7.Reassemble, be sure to seal the connection cover

8.Drill 1 small hole on each side just above the height of the new element

9.Find a wire coat hanger, cut and bend each end to attach in the newly drilled
hole and adjust to support the new element

10.By supporting the new element you can now place the large liquid basting pan, now full of wood chips directly on the element thus generating great smoke

This new element by being slightly smaller stays on longer and generates continuous smoke, it will also heat up slightly slower insuring a well smoked item

So far I have done a large brisket and 4 chicken half’s, today I am smoking 2 racks or ribs and a hole turkey breast.

This baby is back in business

Royal Oak Electric Smoker
by: Serena

I just bought one on clearance, so I didn't get an owners manual or anything with it. I'm just starting to be a beginner, meaning I want to learn how. Can someone at  least please help me with the manual?

sometimes smoking smoker
by: Gary

I just recently purchased my royal oak smoker and the first time I used it I was very happy. Now I cannot figure out the problem. I cannot get the temperature to go above 200 degrees. so it never really smokes.

I did 2 Boston butts the other day and after 21 hours in the smoke the meat temp was only at 178. And the smoker was cranked on high high high. the first usage the thing heated up beautifully to 400. but never again. any suggestions on that?

by: greg g

i made a simple garlic butter and put it underneath the skin of the chickens. also put a store bought simple dry rub and let it sit for an hour. after getting my smoker to 275, i put the birds on. i choose small hickory and apple chips for the smoke and did not replace chips the entire time.

Another little trick i learned was putting a few small chunks of charcoal in my smoke tray. it greatly improved the "bark." it smoked very well for the first 2 and a half hours. after a total of 4 hours, the birds reached 175 or so. i removed them and allowed them to stand for 30 minutes. they were awesome!!

Heating Element Wattage...???
by: Anonymous

Please tell me the wattage of the heating (cooking) element on the Royal Oak Smoker E1609B?

by: Anonymous

how long does it take to smoke a whole chicken ????

for the money honey
by: greg g

For the money, it's a good smoker. using pellets in the smoke box in it's original location works very well. for it to work though, i must turn the smoker on high until it starts smoking, then adjust it down to 200-250 degrees (which is my choice for smoking.) with that being said, i have smoked ribs, pork steaks, pork chops, and will do chickens this weekend for the 4th.

Please keep in mind this smoker is 1/2 to 1/4 of the cost of a smoker the same size. for the money, i am very pleased with the smoker. if you are not willing to experiment or make adjustments, save your money up and buy a high dollar smoker. with my adjustments and actually learning the unit, i would put my finished product up against the more expensive units.

solutions not problems
by: Anonymous

Ok I have read 90% of the comments good and bad and here are some tips to make it easier for you guys. Known issues are no smoke or lack of it, door no closing tightly, racks installed backwards, paint flaking off and rust.

Solutions: to get the smoke going is actually easy keep smoker empty meaning no food or water and add dry wood chips on the pan. crank on high until you see smoke. then add your water and meat and temp will go down to 225-250 with a full load of meat in it (on high) temp will go up if u have less meat in it or if you dry out the water.

You wont want to cook any hotter than 250 anyways for proper bbq smoke. Racks are not backwards no need to adjust. if you oil your smoker from new and let it season, paint wont flake off so oil the entire inside including the edges of the doors.

Door doesn't close all the way by design cuz to get smoke u need air going into the smoker. keep it that way. if u tighten the seal you wont get smoke. Its a cheap smoker and not meant for the newbies but it works great if you follow these tips.Hope this helps!!!!!

General tips
by: mr.ed

I'm waiting for my Walmart to reduce the units they have parked in a corner, now $124, but judging from other comments, due for a reduction.

I've been using a Brinkmann round electric smoker for years. Unlike the RO, element always on full. Unit gets incredibly gunky and eventually catches fire, burning off the outside paint. No biggie, used in garage and the food doesn't touch the outside.

I use various wet and dry woods and grape vines in a box right on top of the element. Copious amounts of smoke and fabulous food if used on highest position, burned if in lower position. Water pan gets incredibly filthy, takes a half hour to clean.

Westley's Bleche-White automotive spray works wonders.

Try 'que uses sauce after the smoke or just a few minutes before taking the meat off, as the sauce has sugars that burn the meat black and bitter.
Good luck ans good eatin'.

Royal Oak Electric "no" smoker
by: Vince

I enjoyed cooking slow smoked ribs on my gas grill, then my family bought a Royal Oak Electric Smoker for fathers day for me. After seasoning per instructions, I used it "Out of the box" with hickory, and the ribs were acceptable.

Then I made some "improvements" so it would be better: casters to roll it around; "slides" on the shallow tray so it would extend and catch the BBQ sauce drips near the end of cooking; and adding a 2nd latch to the warped door.

With my "improvements" came the problem - no smoke. I tried various temperature settings, lowering the wood tray closer to the element, etc etc - nothing worked.

Watching some "BBQ Championships" on Food TV it struck me that they all had open fires, and fire needs 3 things: fuel, heat and air. I had the fuel and heat, but had closed off the air with the 2nd latch on the door. I left the lid off the wood tray and unlatched the 2nd latch on the door, - and got lots of SMOKE!

Next is to determine how large an opening I need to make near the bottom so it'll smoke but not burst into open flames.

Maybe this is the problem some of you are also having.

get what you pay for...........
by: who knows

it amazes me to see a lot of people bash the royal oak smoker. for one, it is the cheapest smoker on the market for its size. i look at it like this: would i rather buy the cheapest smoker there is and plan on doing some adjustments, or spend 2 to 3 times more than the royal oak and buy a higher quality brinkman or a big chief for that matter.

i think both routes are ok. you just need to set your expectations along the same lines as your budget. if you have absolutely no bbq experience, you probably need to save your money and buy the more expensive set-it-and-forget-it models.

by: Anonymous

I used my Royal Oak smoker the other day for the first time and the food did not taste smoky. I read the reviews about the smoker not having any smoke so that was what I was expecting.

I was trying to figure out why and I have found the answer. It is being put together in the factory wrong. The side racks that hold the racks are upside down.

If you take them out and flip them over it moves you a full inch closer to the heating element and smokes really well. I hope this helps out and that royal Oak is reading this.

great smoker
by: Anonymous

You yanks just don't know how this stuff works, you throw the instructions away, put it together like you think it goes, toss wood chunks, (not wood chips in a pan) directly on the element, set it on about half throttle, away we go smokes like hell.

I used mine about three years, Boston butt in at sunset done noon next day, ribs 4 hours falling off the bone, dry rub only, let the grease run down the legs (the dogs love it)

temp and smoke
by: collins

I can not get the temperature set. It varies too much. And yes no smoke. I put on element but it burns. Not enough smoke. This unit sucks and I am planning on taking it back.

this is what happened
by: Anonymous

It was designed correctly. The problems is those rails on the side walls that the racks slide on are upside down. This is exacerbated by the fact that the screws holding the heating element gets loose so it slumps down. I loosened them even more and wedged a chip off of a cinder block under it so the heating element stand up higher.

But as I said the main problem is those rails. Turning them over alone should be enough to fix it. There are four nuts on each side to be removed. I can't remember if it came from the store wrong, the instructions were wrong or I just messed up and put them in upside down.

still trying
by: greg g

I'm still cooking on the royal oak. i have moved the smoking box directly on the element to achieve the amount of smoke i want. at 200 degrees it smokes fine for me. saying this, i am using medium size hickory chips. am gonna do two pork shoulders this weekend.

before putting the meat on, i am gonna move the smoke box back to its factory location and use apple and pecan pellets. i am thinking the pellets will require less heat to smoke, but we will see. at this point, for the money i am still happy with the smoker.

by: Anonymous

I bought a Royal Oak smoker last year and used it 3 times. It quit working and Royal Oak will not even call back. I will never buy another Royal Oak Product.

just got one
by: greg g

I have been watching this smoker at Walmart for 6 months. They finally put it on clearance for $89.00 not sure what the original retail was. I thought it was a good buy considering some of the smokers this size are $200 + bucks!!!

I have ribs on right now and have conceded I will need to adjust or modify the smoke box. At 200 degrees I have minimal smoke. I bought 10 racks of ribs so I can zero in on this new grill. I can say that after an hour on its highest setting the smoker only gets to 300 which is fine with me. I will cook this week on it and let everyone know.

User Manual
by: Anonymous

I need a User Manual for the Electric Smoker. Where can I find one?

Customer Service Phone Number
by: Anonymous

I was wondering if someone has the phone number for customer service for the producer of the Royal Oak electric smoker...?

I bought one also.
by: Bill

I bought a Royal Oak Smoker yesterday from Walmart for $25.00. It had sat out in the weather on there patio and had some rust problems and 1 broken leg. I brought it home and got the rust off and repainted it with heat resistant paint, fixed the leg and fired it far no smoke at 400*.

No matter because I ordered a Smoke Daddy for it last night and that will solve the smoke problem. The latch did not close the door completely at the bottom so I put another latch at the bottom of the door. If the element goes out I have an old hot plate that I will put in it. For 25.00 I did not think that I could go wrong...

Simple no smoke tip
by: Scott

Mine also wouldn't produce smoke either. Simply turned rack rails over and that put the smoke pan half inch closer to burner. Now I'm smokin! Very happy with unit despite the flaws.

Royal Oak Rust Box
by: Gary

Lowering the wood chip box to just barely above the heating element will solve the smoke issues has many have stated in their comments. I have used this smoker now every week for about 8 months and the paint both around the door seal and inside the unit is all flaking off and falling into my food being smoked.

When the paint falls off, rust follows and it is now in the process of rusting away. The Royal Oak customer service number on my owners manual is actually a number for their parts dept. They WILL NOT give a phone number for customer service and instead take your phone number and tell you someone will call you. Guess what?

Don't hold your breath for a call back because THEY DON'T CALL BACK. Royal Oak is truly a Royal pain in the.....don't buy one as you will be sorry.

Royal oak smoker electric
by: Steve Roberts

I purchased the smoker about 2 months ago. I have cooked on it 2 times with good results (ribs) I tried to cook with it at New Years and the smoker quit. Cold ribs!!!!!!!

I worked on it and found out the problem was with the temp. control in front of the smoker. I called Royal Oak and they sent me a knob instead of the control unit. I have explained it several times with no good results.

If I get the right part this time (probably not) I am done with these idiots. The customer service sucks!!!!! Never to buy royal oaks products again!!!!!!!!!

Fix the smoking problem!
by: Lee

I as most of you,I had problems getting the smoker to produce smoke, especially on lower settings. My first trial was with elk jerky. I wanted to smoke at a cool temp and not COOK it. Not real successful.

Here is the fix:

Buy a length of 1 x 1 aluminum angle (need 28 inches) Drill holes to match the hole pattern of the bottom rack screws (12 5/8 inches apart) 1/2 inch down from the flat side of the angle. This now becomes the rack for the smoker tray (just above the burner element. Just move the drip pan up above and put the water tray in it.

Happy smoking!

Disappointed in Non Smoking Smoker
by: Charlotte

I seasoned the smoker per the instructions, but saw little to no smoke at 400 degrees. I figured it was because I soaked the chips (as is normal with all electric smokers I have had in the past).

The next day I tried to smoke pork ribs. Needless to say, they were cooked but had no smoke flavor. I used half dry chips and half wet chips. The dry chips were black but not burnt.

The wet chips had no charring at all. We bought this new smoker so that we could have smoked ham for Christmas Eve. I guess I will have to just put the smoker box directly on the element and hope for the best.

This is truly the worst smoker on the market. Instead of Royal Oak, it should be named Royal Lemon.

Another smokeless smoker
by: Anonymous

The meat had almost no smoke taste. The unit produced very little smoke and the meat drippings covered the vent in the wood chip tray. I got the pan from my Brinkmann smoker, it fits perfectly and I will place larger chips on clean up tray underneath element.

I think this will solve the problem. I do like the design and easy access, but I also have the same problem with the door not sealing, they should have installed a latch on the bottom as well. I used a round Brinkmann for years and while not perfect in design it sure produced great smoked meat.

Model E1608
by: Anonymous from KY

Heat element went out. Called service center. They will not sell you a replacement element. Explained it was bought this summer. They refused to sell the part.

When I told them I basically just have a black box then the response was "right". When I told them I'd light the internet up about their lousy service they said "Okay".

I will boycott any and all of their products. What good is it to have 24/7 service when they don't care. I was offered a replacement temp gauge.

Electric Smoker
by: Anonymous

3 Boston Butts, 4 racks of ribs, & 6 chicken thighs; smoked great. Then the element quit. Bought it this summer and will trash it this winter.
Will avoid buying from them again.

Door Ajar on Model#E1608A
by: Anonymous

After I finished assembly of my new smoker and installed the Latch to hold the door closed i fired-up the smoker to brake it-in with some wood chips. I saw some smoke leaking around the right side of the seams!

And that the door latch did-not fully close at the bottom of the door? I did call Customer Service and told them about the problem, she said someone will call me back! She lied...I bought some High-Temp RTV Silicone Gasket Maker and applied it to the seams let cure for 24 hrs.

That stop the leaks. But still have the problem with the door ajar?
Why it's a big deal is because like the others I could not get the chips hot enough to smoke!

So i did like some others did and put the wood chip tray just above the heating element and now it smokes like it should,But with the door ajar at the bottom I'm afraid that it will catch fire!

The worlds first smokeless smoker
by: Anonymous

While am very satisfied with the the units that I have purchased, I cannot get the unit to Ignite the wood --damp or dry. I have followed the instructions.

I placed a sheet of paper in the same location as the smoke box and closed the door --- turned the unit on high and the paper would not ignite. So, looks like a case of poor engineering or someone has used the wrong measurement system in the construction of the smoker.

I have moved the wood box closer to the burner and now have smoke. I didn't want to return the smoker because I like the design. I suspect that someone has used the wrong measurement system in building the system. I would like for the company to provide us with the correct measurements for the smoke box to burner height.

BY the way --- I purchased two of these smokers and they both have identical problems.

Great Smoker
by: Anonymous

The royal oak thermometers are accurate, I am a member of a BBQ forum and we have tested three in boiling water and used rack thermos to compare. As discussed in here by others, getting the chip pan closer to element works fine, or remove it and place a stainless steel dog bowl on element with chips.

Learn how to use it first.
by: Anonymous

I have to agree that if you learn how to use first, you should be able to control your problems. The wood box does have to be close to the element. mine was perfect from the factory.

I tried to line with foil to avoid some of the cleanup. that eliminated enough heat that it did not smoke. so back to no foil and it works great. every time. I've seen the racks put in upside down.

That might cause to much distance from the heat. sure you can have an occasional Oops, of some sort, but for the most part, good meat. I've also cooked some wrapped in foil for all but the final browning time. very tender.

Royal Oak Smoker
by: Scott from Alaska

When you smoke fish you are also drying the fish. The temp. should be no more than 160 degrees, or 140 if you want a cold smoke. No water, you are drying the fish. Smoke time depends on your taste.

If you smoke for only 4 hours you will need to finish cooking at a higher temp. If you smoke for around 12 hours, the fish maybe fully cooked. Good Luck!!!!

water tray use
by: Anonymous

Are you suppose to fill the water tray when you smoke fish or is it suppose to be empty of water?

Royal Oak Smoker
by: Scott from Alaska

My final fix for the problem of the unit not smoking was to put the pan of smoker chips directly on the heating coil. This is the same way the little chief smoker works. You just need to be careful not to turn the heat up to high or you will have a fire.

About 10:30 or 11:00 o'clock on the dial worked for me. Then it smoked just fine. If you need to cook meat at a high temp for a while, take the pan of chips out.

No-smoking smoker
by: Anonymous

After 3 good hours, I have not seen the result I was expecting. So disappointed. I have to go bed, so I went and turned the smoker off. I called the customer service, was told somebody would be calling me back, but no call back. I'm thinking I just have to take the appliance back to the store.

Smoker fix. Guaranteed to work
by: Jason

I couldn't get my Royal Oak electric smoker to smoke no matter how hot I let it get. I figured out that the wood bin was way to far from the heating element. So I went to Lowes and bought 4 eye bolts, light gauge chain.

I ended up suspending the wood holder bin below the water/smoker rack until the smoker bin was just above the heating element. It smokes its ass off now. I've used it twice and both times was extremely simple and satisfying. Try this and you'll get it to smoke right without any future problems.

by: Scott

I used my Royal Oak smoker last week for the first time to smoke fish. It would smoke fine at high temp. but would not keep smoking at about 140 degrees which is the temp. you want for fish.

I used my propane torch to get the bottom of the pan hot and start the chips smoking again. Did this twice in the evening and then went to bed. The next morning I had some good smoked salmon.

A pain but it worked. I also think there is not enough fresh air coming into the smoker to keep the chips going. I may drill a hole in the side of the thing.

It's All About learning How ...
by: Anonymous

Anything with enough heat to light the wood can make a good smoker if you know how to do it.

I suspect you didn't learn how to use the smoker before planning a big meal. Always best to start small and not expect thing to go according to plan the first few times.

The manufacturers instructions usually stink - it doesn't matter which manufacturer. The temperature gauges rarely work. Although the one on my Smoke Vault was dead on and it's adjustable.

Most people that write manuals have never actually used the equipment and I'll bet most wouldn't know a good BBQ if it slapped them in the face!

I had to teach a guy at Camp Chef how to best use the smoker he just bought! Once you learn your smokers personality it'll be a great smoker - it's all about learning...

Royal Oak Electric Smoker
by: Ed in Texas

I got one for Father's Day. I did the recommended 1 hour seasoning with wood chunks. Discarded the spent wood and reloaded it with fresh hickory chunks. Then added a 4lb brisket and a 8lb pork butt.

It smoked just fine for me and 5 hours later we had some of the juiciest home cooked BBQ I can remember in years. The brisket was fork tender just as it should be. No complaints here.

royal oak smoker are junk
by: gator

Thanks royal oak you ruined fathers day with your wonderful non smoking smoker. we set it up as per instructions and guess what no smoke. We called the help line and they called back.

AFTER the meat was cooked and told us to put the chips in the smoker dry, well we did that to see if it works duhhhhhh guess what a cigarette smokes more.. needless to say we brought it back to the store and got our money back, the meat was cooked but not smoked and tough ...
Thanks royal oak

Royal Oak Electric Smoker
by: Anonymous

I've searched around and can't find any pics of your smoker. The therm that comes with ANY smoker is pretty much worthless and notoriously inaccurate. I would hope that you are using unsoaked chunks as opposed to chips.

Chunks will last much longer and give you that good smokey goodness. Just place a chunk in between the element and it should start smoking within 10-15 minutes. Where did you buy it?