Silverbrite Salmon, aka Chum Salmon or Dog Salmon

Chum salmon, also known as Silverbrite salmon, have been caught in the open sea and have bright, shiny skin. The quality of ocean harvested chum salmon is generally much better than of those caught in fresh water.

Oncorhynchus Keta

Soon after entering fresh water streams, the salmon begin to transform, and the eating quality starts to degrade. The fish also begin to physically transform as they head upstream to spawn. The changes are the source of at least two common names for "Oncorhynchus keta", or the chum salmon.

Common Names of Silverbrite Salmon

The color darkens from the sea-going silver color to a dark olive and brown spotted look, hence the name calico salmon. In addition to the color change, the physical shape and characteristics of the males change.

The jaw becomes hooked in appearance, and large canine teeth appear. This gives rise to another common salmon.

"Silverbrite" is often spelled silverbright. Either spelling refers to the same fish.

This type of salmon usually contains a lower amount of fat and oils that give King and Sockeye salmon their great taste and texture. Marinated and smoked, chum salmon is still a great tasting food.

Here's an nice recipe for smoked chum salmon.

Smoked Silverbrite Salmon Recipe

This Smoking Salmon Is Almost Done!

For the marinade, combine one quart of apple cider with one cup brown sugar, six tablespoons salt and one teaspoon nutmeg. Add two pounds of salmon fillets to the marinade. Let it marinate overnight, up to 24 hours before draining and smoking.