I Need Tender Quick Curing Mix: Where Can I Buy Some?

by Bill
(Aurora, Co.)

I am looking for a place to buy Morton's Tender Quick. None of the stores around here know what it is, nor have they been helpful trying to find it for me.

Is there another option available I can use as a meat curing mixture? Can I buy Tender Quick online?



Bag of Morton Tender Quick Curing Mix Next To Decorative GourdsI FOUND TENDER QUICK AT DILLON'S IN HUTCHINSON KANSAS

Comments for Tender Quick - Where Can I Buy a Bag?

by: Anonymous

I live in Tucson, AZ and am having problems finding Morton's tender quick, where can I purchase it in Tucson,Az

Mortons tender quick
by: Anonymous

I live in SWF and I'm able to find it at publix super markets, however if you go to mortons web site you will find a link (product locator)enter your zip and there you will have it.

Where to by tender quick
by: Bob

Years ago you could find Morton Tender Quick at any major grocery store but the last two times I bought it I could only find it at Albertson's, they still had it 2010.

by: krickett

Well, I live in Radcliff, KY and you cannot find Tender Quick here! I Googled it and you can not get it no where nears here within 60 miles that I know of, so now I have it coming from Missouri where I'm from. They say Kentucky hillbillies live off the land, but no one knows what Tender Quick is! LOL

by: Anonymous

We tried to find Tender Quick salt in our area with no luck either. One local meat company said they knew exactly what I was talking about and sold me curing salt for making sausages, hams, etc.

However DON'T ever use this as a substitute because the consistancy and concentration is not the same. We used it to make sausage and it was far from edible!

Had to throw away 6 lbs of sausage. Needless to say don't buy anything other than MORTONS TENDER QUICK SALT if that is what the recipe calls for.

Tender Quick
by: Mike

I have found it at most major grocery stores or google it and there are many online sites to buy it...Great product for curing. Made pastrami and it was the best I have ever had. Have fun!

Where To Buy Morton's Tender Quick
by: Bill

You once could purchase Morton's Tender Quick at the online store at the Morton Salt website, but not anymore. Tender Quick can also be found on Amazon.com.

I don't know of any curing mixes that are an exact substitution for Tender Quick. It contains salt, sugar, and the curing salts (sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite). There's just a small percentage of the curing salts in the Tender Quick mixture.

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